Morons & Oxymorons: Society and Culture:  

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8/28/2005 7:37 pm

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Morons & Oxymorons: Society and Culture:

The senile-dementia of English speaking, reading and writing;
Supermarkets, Eco-Rats, Privatisation, Diminished Government responsibility,
and the remarkable absence of terrorist threats.

Shows that scared me most as a child:

1. 1970s 'National Geographic' specials about folklore (I saw 2 minutes of the original silent Nosferatu at age 8 and was shitscared for years. All day & all night. Till I slept, anyway. How do I end up writing vampire novels? Go figure...)

2. Dr.Who 'Genesis of the Daleks' 1975. Back when people went all polarised and screamed properly when they got zapped. Now of course I'm hooked!

3.Smurfs. Because they sucked arse thru a straw. And everyone should be too old for them. Even newborns.
Back in them days children & parents didn't know better about marketing to kiddies & shite merchandising, which made it much more evil than the shite of today. Not that anyone has excuse today.

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