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9/6/2005 7:37 pm

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Hates now go here.

New Hates: people who break bottles on the pavement, creating lethal shards for pedestrians, cyclists, children and dogs being walked.

Dogs running around off leashes. Not only are unleashed dog-owners a menace to traffic, they let their dogs shit anywhere and everywhere the rest of us want to walk, sit, play, cycle, etc.
Nothing is worse than parks in summer with shit left where you want to be.
If you are the dog of an unleashed owner, bite them fatally and take these menaces out of the genepool. Remember, a dead dog owner can never shit on your lawn...

Lord of the Rings movies: And the people who like them, some of whom like to think they are JRRT fans: THIS is why the great man NEVER agreed to a film in his lifetime:
we're vindicated. Bonehead Jackson proved that even with 9 hours and $500million, all you get is a mangled NZ nature doco...nice mountains, shame about the script.
What's WRONG with you people? Script, dialogue, characters, events changed; time wasted; great production design, crap casting;
The ending is different, there are elves at Helm's Deep, the Mumakil are giant and have four (count them! four!) tusks, and the Shire isn't damaged or rebuilt!! Didn't anyone read the fucking book?!
The whole point is that the Hobbits get big and strong enough to save their country by going on the journey...and Peter Jackson leaves that bit out!
What's next: a Joan of Arc film where they don't burn her? A film about Jesus where he DOESN'T end up crucified?!
You get 9 hours, 3 years, and $500 million and you STILL can't get it right?! JRRT must be screaming in his grave.

Rather fuller list of things that have pissed me off recently:
1. Stupid people. Even tho’ this is Tasmania, where they are consigned…
2. Windows generally & XP in particular. There's a reason Bill Gates got shot by the US Army in South Park Bigger, Longer

3. More persons REALLY worth hating:
(as at 9.9.05) Bill Gates. little Johnny Howard, President Shrub (hello wherever you are hiding, how does it feel having even more US deaths on what passes for your conscience?);
Margaret Thatcher, who still isn't dead; Amanda Millstone; ex-NSW Liberal leader John Brogden (what WERE you thinking?!); Bronwen Bishop, our revived 1950s-assimilationist bitch.

4. People who invented call centres Or, worse, Indian Call centres…

5.People who hate cats! They are small self-sufficient dogs which
i) walk themselves ii) WASH themselves
iii)Don’t bite postmen or maul children (except on Funniest Home Videos, apparently)
iv) Don't slobber on you, or get loosed all over you by owners slightly stupider than they are who say "he's alright, he's just being friendly" when you have this socially-incompentent 4-legged man with a tail all over your front.
v) Most important of all: bury their shit because you are the dominant cat around. Cats know how you feel.
They don't give a shit, but they know.
Anyone found a dog that does this?

6. people who laugh really badly at Film Society. Or who are still talking 2 minutes into the film.

Other Adult FF stuff that sucks:
1. Profiles sent to you that are pointless: 1, 2, 3,4 years old. There’s no way that computer can't tell the last time that person visited.
2. Profiles or matches that are women who are seeking women. Ditto, computer must know I am not one.
3. Really irritating matches from Men in the US adding me to their hotlist. After a lifetime of being too slobby or short to be pulled by gay men, now it happens to me?! Where were you lot when I was experimenting?!

4. People who use other people's pictures instead of their own. Hello Ivy! Tho’ the AdultFriendFinder prize MUST go to the woman who put a pic of Lauren (6ft Under, Can't Hardly Wait) Ambrose as her pic. A touch of the Amanda Millstone's “Didn’t see that, sorry” there.
Now, of course in August we found that Cj the hard charger exposed Dominatrix as i) Miss Ivy again and ii) got her to admit it. Which didn't mollify us, as it was still stupid.

Non-AdultFriendFinder things that suck:
1. People who don't/can't spell, checker assisted or not. Especially if they work for Centrelink, my bank, your bank, or someone else who ought to be able to either use spellchecker or TAUGHT to spell in primary school which is why we are all sent.
Not to learn algebra, which you never use again, but spelling, which we all use every day. As in Taxi. Or POLICE on top of a car. Have you seen anyone misspell it in graffiti? There's a ‘Fxxx pelice niggaz’ on the pole outside my place. I don't think it's irony...

2. people who think typos are misspellings. Pelice with 2 E's is misspelled. Police with 2 Js is just bad typing or someone in a hurry. Or someone from the Balkans.

3. People who complain to ABC about programmes made by the BBC, as if the ABC can change the ending now, or at all.
4. People who recoil from computers as if they are poisoned or will track you home and read your mail if you touch them.
5. Americans who think they speak 'American' or who think US spelling & usage is normal. Sorry to be a linguistic facist but words are spelt in different ways for a reason. It's a precision instrument, not a blunt object.

10 Worst Songs Ever:
1. I love Work.
2.everything by Michael Jackson.
3.Everything by Elvis except 'In the Ghetto':
a vestigial hint of conscience.
3.2 Everything by Prince except Let's Go Crazy. Why no other guitar songs like that?
4.Soft songs by Queen.
5. On My way - Proclaimers. Especially those prXXks who spoilt Shrek with it. They are not an image of Scotland anyone needs. That's what Drambhuie and Billy Connolly are for.

6. Stuff by 1990s hair-metal bands (Bon Jovi, Poison, Mr Big).
7. good tunes ripped off by commercials. Or the theme from Backdraft used by (urrrgh) Iron Chef, etc.

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