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8/21/2006 3:07 am

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People communicate in various ways depending on the situation and condition they find themselves in. For example, one communicates differently in bed with their lover, than they do when asking the loans officer for funds to pay for home repair.
That being said, in the AdultFriendFinder context, which type of communicating do you prefer and find more useful to you in determing who you might be interested in eithe meeting or communicating with in a private context?
Flirts, giggles and gropes in chat rooms or emails
Sexual fantasies or fetishes shared in a chat room or emails
Cybersex events on webcam or IM
Genital photos exchanged
Personal information shared in chat rooms or blogs
Personal information shared in email or IM
Ideas/viewpoints shared in public
Ideas/Viewpoints shared in private
None of the above
Who Cares??

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8/21/2006 3:33 am

I love flirting!!

Purry {=}


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4/14/2008 10:09 pm


Where have you been hiding? I think you need to attend to your blog and show up in the chatrooms more often. You are missed!

rm_Piobaire6 62M
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4/21/2008 10:06 am

Sending out a search party for Lass *S*

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