Day 2?  

rm_Lament21 31M
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9/8/2006 2:11 am
Day 2?

hm..... tried going to chat room.... very intimidating and i can't follow at all lol... and majority of the population in the chat room was male.... so was boring cause so many "player4u" or "fuckbuddy" or "bigdick" handle names lol, they all sound like teenage boy's screennames high on hormones lol o well guess some poeple haven't matured yet.... or is it that im immature lol who knows? schools been good missed homework today, freaking college and no late homework policy....guess ill have to be on my A game from now on and do my best.... but ya.... life seems so boring and dull... when ever there is like a quiet time when im thinking... i feel a heavy burden on my heart like there is a hole in my heart =(... guess u can call it loneliness...or u can call it a disease, of heartbreak or love hahah well....enough of that. I hope something comes along my way soon or i meet someone really fun and interesting lol but me being not much of a partier its pretty hard... and at school i don't really meet people i just go to classes and back home only days i go out is when i got to church on fridays and sundays... i guess i really don't have a night life lol most of my friends are like that at least my close friends. well i think thats all i'll right for today... kinda sad no one has seen or is interested in my blog o well.... haha

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