Day 1 about me?  

rm_Lament21 31M
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9/4/2006 9:40 pm
Day 1 about me?

Blog? never done don't know where to start... um... ya ok >.< i guess i kinda introduce myself i guess. Im kinda shy so i don't get along well with strangers at first and i have a close-knit group of friends and never done something like online dating or something so i have no clue so ya........ my interests are mainly swimming, football, gaming, computers, animals; i have a dog, 3 turtles, and couple cichlids (a type of fish found in central,south America and Africa),

i guess u can call me a hopeless romantic and im a bit of a late bloomer hehe and i lack dating experience so ya im a real late bloomer... and lets see um... music i like rock/alternative but i barely know any of the bands except the really popular ones lol i just listen to Kroq on radio in my car when im driving hehe Weezer is nice but their newer songs aren't as good as before...Island in the Sun = OWNAGE hahah lets see o and im a somewhat of a pious church goer lol every fridays and sundays every week yup hm... lets see o i've never been to a club in my life but been invited too many times thou lol

hm... i guess people see me as outgoing and woos the girls and stuff but in all truth im the clumsiest and most dense guy when it comes to girls lol... for example i had an incident where a girl just came up to me and told me im cute.. and i just smiled and said "um... thank you??" lol friends were like "are u stupid? she was interested~!" and i go "oo... i thought she was being just nice or something" lol so ya thats the type of guy i am O.o haha i wouldn't have a clue unless a girl literally threw herself at me or told me she liked me hahaha

well...i think thats about it for today ^_^ so i ya...

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