Fringe Benefits  

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Fringe Benefits

I built up a good sweat this morning in Darlene's class. Heading to the change rooms, I decided to take a sauna before my shower. The change room was emptying out and some gals in various stages of undress. I glanced around nice ... very nice. I opened my locker to get one of my towels, my sweat was dripping from my hair. After a quick dab, as I peeled off my clinging t-shirt, the cool air made my nipples erect in my drenched bra. I unglasped my bra from behind, my tits popped my bra forward and again the coolness of the air perked them more. Next I stripped my tights along with my wet panties. For the breif moment the air danced across my sweaty body, I wrapped my towel around my body and headed to the sauna.

The sign on the sauna to knock before entering, so I did. I hear a moan from inside, I opened the door and peeked in," Are you ok?" I asked. "Oh yes,... Come in," she said. I sat across from her, she poured more water over the heated rocks adding more steam to the room I couldn't see her so I closed my eyes and breathe deeping. The steam soothed me as sweat beaded down my body. My towel had loosen, and my breasts were exposed, I opened one eye and noticed that the room was so steamy, I didn't cover them. MMMMmmmm it felt nice to have them feel the steam too. Sweat cascaded down my body, I adjusted myself to relax and a slight moan escaped my lips.

"You are new here?" she asked.
"Yea," I replied.
" Did you get a reakdown of the fringe benefits?" she inquired. I felt her moving over to my bench.
"I think so," I opened one eye again and saw her looking over my body. She was good looking herself, her towel had been removed and her body glowed with beading sweat, her body was delcious looking. I closed my eyes and relaxed against the wall, then I felt my towel fall more.
I could feel her eyes on me, "Honey, do you know your breast are beautiful?"
"Thanks," I replied. My nipples grew taunt. Then I felt her tongue circling one nipple. " They taste nice," she half moaned. I didn't trust myself to answer, so I just nodded yes. Her tongue flickered my other nipple then back to my left nipple, this time she suckled it. My pussy was getting wet. She took my hand and guide it to her breast. I gently squeezed and pinched her nipples with both hands. She turned me to face her, our legs adjusted around one another. Her hands gently pinched and squeezed my nipples and
she said, "These are the extra frills here," and smiled.

She suckled my left nipple, then I felt her finger enter my hot wet pussy. I felt so hot, I didn't know if it was caused by the sauna heat or her finger fuck dance inside. I slid my fingers into her hot and very creamy pussy. I just had to taste it, so I switched hands and sucked my cum covered fingers. It was delicious. I slowly leaned forward to indicate to lay back. She contiunued to suck my nipple harder and deeper.

"I want to taste you," I stated. She let go of my nipple and opened her legs. My tongue licked her nipples travelling down to her navel.

"Well, hurry up girl," she said. I found her mount. It was very wet. My tongue entered her pussy.

"No, no, I want to have your cunt over my face, fair is fair." So I straddled her face and before I could returned to my tonguing of her creamy pussy her mouth covered my pussy and drove her tongue deep. I moan, "Oh yes!" Her reply was a deeper tongue thrust into my pussy. I did the same with her pussy. My tongue drove between her pussy pils scooped her cream into my tongue. I thought to my self, excellent choice of fitness centre.

I heard some giggles outside the sauna and a voice saying, " Looks like Daniella has added another one to her harem." "Oh delightful, " another one added.

Daniella and I continued to suck and tongue each other. I took a bold step and added my two fingers into her pussy so cover them with cream with my tongue. Then I withdrew my fingers and rimmed her butthole and slowly pushed them into her tight butthole. I knew she would either hate it or love it. Again her reply was a deeper thurst into my pussy. I could feel my pussy was creaming more and my nipples were hard. They brushed her navel area.

Her fingers were squeezing and pinching my nipples.

My fingers gently dipped more and stretched her wider. My other hand was getting covered in cream. My fingers in her butthole slowly widen so I could enter my other two cream cover fingers in her hole. I sucked her harder and deeper. My fingers began their dance.... pumping and stretching. My thumb rubbed her clint button as I licked and tongued her pussy. I can feel her body getting ready to climax as well as mine too.

I stopped licking, looking around for some towels, I found one. I popped one hand out of her butthole. Her hole tighten around my other fingers, I wiped my fingers on the towel, then I slowly removed my other hand out of her hole and cleaned them too. I knew soon both of us were ready to give in to our climax. Preparing for my taste of her cum, I had my hands spread her pussy wider to I could cover her pussy with my mouth and not miss a drop of her cum. I fought hard to not to cum.... tonguing her faster and deeper I wanted her to cum first... I worked her pussy more.

Pay dirt! Her cum came flooding my mouth. Drinking her cum, and enjoy her squirking cum and licking her clean.

In my midst of enjoyment, I released too. I felt her mouth drink me. Licking my pussy clean.

Both of us laid there, sweating and panting.

Daniella asked, "Hon, what's your name?"
I replied,"Deb."

"Thanks Deb for the workout." Daniella said.
"Likewise," I replied.

Daniella got up and peeked out the sauna door,and then turned back to me, "Deb, let's shower."

--That's another story--

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