Bore with work....need a mind break  

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9/7/2005 12:28 pm

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Bore with work....need a mind break

I'm home today usually I'm out at a client's. I had to cancel, my throat is so sore. No I didn't over used it, I wish I had.

I'm taking a mind break, I don't want to look at another file, piece of paper. I wondered into the kitchen and looked around. Opening the cupboard doors, seeking for something, hell I don't know. Opened the refrig...then the freezer. Interesting hot dogs. mmmmm I'm not hungry for a hot dog. I take one out of the big box we have.

It's cold, ice crystals formed on the dog. I closed the freezer and walk over to the lazy boy chair. The dog feels nice, cold, hard. I think about sliding it in my hot wet pussy.

I recline the chair, pushed my T-shirt up and release my bra straps....mmmmm

Mom told me not to play with my food... this isn't playing, it's an experiment. Holding the cold hot dog in one hand and the other hand removing my panties under my skirt. I thought about sliding that cold dog in me.... No, I'll just place it between my tits first. Oh, it's cold, my nipples are attentive now with the cool tool there. The ice crystals melt against my tits. I squeeze my tits together hugging the hot dog tight. Too small of a hot dog. I wish it was fatter...

I closed my eyes, I continue squeezing my tits together, pinching my nipples, playing with the idea to slip it in me, but where.... mmmmm

I sat up for a minute and thought .... mmmmm maybe it could, the heck.

I position my butt hole over the hard cold hot dog. My butt hole taunts on contact, but I work the hot dog into my butt hole and slowly enjoy it's slow entry.

Who would have thought, I never did. The coolness is nice. I can feel it move deeper... I can feel my pussy get wet. I slip a finger into my slit, yup wet. I scoop some wetness on my finger and rim my butt. I scoop my pussy again, pop my finger into my mouth, interesting taste. Hot dog and wetness weird, but nice. The 7" dog is inside I'm sitting on the chair. I recline the chair back. The hot dog wants to pop out, so I push it more into my ass. Nice, how I spread my clit lips wide so my other hand can rub, and dip my pussy.

I wiggled my ass abit so I can feel the hot dog more to my pussy wall. My finger dips inside my very wet pussy, I can feel the hot dog in my ass.

It's not like a real cock, but it's something. I continue rubbing my clit. Working my thumb over my button. I'm very wet. With the breeze from the window above as I lay with my legs wide, I feel myself slip into that place of relaxation.

My pussy is creaming, no worries, just me and my fingers, and I smile a hot dog. I can feel the hot dog lose it's firmness. Shame I thought.

I stop fingering myself and got up. Walked into the bathroom, looking for... I see it. Aloe gel. I have found this much better than jelly.

I pull some of the hot dog out... I can't believe how it feels. The sensation of the hotdog semi firm and part inside was erotic. I rub aloe gel on to the hot dog. Sliding it in and out, nice feel. Now this is dogging it...ALGOL.

I know sick mind, but I just giggled. AS I giggled more, the damn thing try to escaped, it's hilarious. The more I giggles the more it tried to escaped. What I would do for another pair of hands. Keeping up with the in and out.

Laughing my ass off...or should I say wienie. I don't know, it certainty release some tension. I was on the flour, then I felt it escape again, I let the hot (warm) dog escape finally. I rubbed more aloe in and around my butt hole ... mmmm

Got up and through the "dog" into the garbage. Now I feel back, would have felt better with a cock, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

GoodMorningBrew 51M

9/8/2005 6:22 am

Nice story. I'll have to remember the part about aloe gel. To picture you reclined on that chair.... Yep, nice story! Thanks

daytimelover1269 70M

9/13/2005 1:43 pm

I wish it were my dick up your best friend not some damed dog

Boxley3 65M
1 post
9/22/2005 5:57 pm

I just wish I'd had the opportunity to watch your face - what a treat the combination of wild mad grin and concentration must have been!

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