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12/8/2005 5:49 pm

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Arrived for work before the sun was up, had a simple breakfast at my desk while scanning my schedule for the day, two meetings with conflicting times and a boat load of crappy stuff that I’ll try to put off until next year. Completed some reports that needed to get posted by the end of the week and basically shuffled papers until time for my first meeting.

The first meeting went off without any glitches, had to excuse myself a little early to beat it down to the next one; hoped that the second one would be equally as easy to get through. It was! A little past noon I was back at my desk ready to settle in to do as little as possible before clocking out for the day. My mind just isn’t on work today; so the sooner the day went by the better off I’d feel.

The red light on my phone was blinking double time must have gotten several calls while out of the office, where would we be without voicemail? Retrieved my messages and I learned that there was a package waiting for me at the Receptionist’s desk. Hopped the elevator and rode up two floors, and there at the desk sat a lone white box tied in multi-colored strings.

There was no card on the outside of the box, and it was too small to be flowers or at least the kind that normally come in boxes so I scooped it up and a fragrance that I am so familiar with seeped from within. Chocolate hmmmmm, but who knows me well enough to send me chocolates and in a box this size? I needed to see what was inside, so I took to the stairs and scaled down two at a time and practically ran to my office.

I cut the strings from the package and ripped off the lid, and there stood two-dozen beautiful chocolate covered strawberries in a ceramic flowerpot; along with the candied fruit was a lovely card with a message thanking me for a wonderful lunch.

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