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12/10/2005 8:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I have to wonder why anyone bothers to write a profile when it’s obvious from some of the replies that I receive that very few took the time to read it.

Well this is being written for all of the intelligently challenged people who only heaven knows why, think that all members on AdultFriendFinder are desperate, lonely or otherwise can’t find anyone on their own. Let me clarify this, perhaps this applies to few or maybe more then a few, however when you read a cleverly written profile that has been sculpted with the proper grammar and has more then a two line comprehensible sentence, then you should consider the consequences of sending some insensitive response that will either go ignored or worst yet get rejected and tossed into the cyberspace junk mail.

Please people read the profiles:

A non-smoker means that the person does not smoke and unless otherwise mentioned smokers aren’t acceptable.

Weight in proportion to Height means that if your body weight is the same as your height or in other words if you have ample or extra padding and it’s not due to your clothing then the bottom-line is you’re fat this too is not acceptable. Unless the person receiving the response is willing to overlook the extra layers of tissue.

If you write a message like this please don’t expect an equitable response: hit me at AdultFriendFinder lets talk and no Bla bla bla, I love sex, but I'm more interested in (short-term relationships/long-term ,one nght stand Foreplay is (like spanish do it). I like (lots of foreplay before/going straight to) penetration.

And finally reading is fundamental if you’ve read a person’s profile and it appears that the person is slightly above your level of comprehension then chances are neither you nor the other person would have anything in common (besides perhaps the obvious, which takes conversation and some small amounts of nurturing in most cases) this is a great factor to me.

This is not a general reflection, but an observation of those who chose to ignore the wording of another person’s profile, so if you aren’t guilty of writing when you know you shouldn't, this does not apply to you.

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12/11/2005 7:21 pm

Queen I think we all have written this one I can't say it's only men I have meet some men who say women do the some thing.
Based on some of the responses they think far more of themselves than anyone who meets them. So, considering the source, some shit just feels better when you get it off your chest!

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12/13/2005 2:15 pm

Please educate the females in generations that came after your own. Most of them have much to learn before they'll ever actually cross over into womanhood. I'm trying hard to leave older women alone as our interactions, however intimate they may be, are mostly a waste of time. There's not much else out there though, so what else can I do.

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12/13/2005 10:18 pm


I find your remarks to be somewhat strange. My educating younger women, in what area are you speaking of? The women of today have far more advantages then the women of my generation, especially when it comes to education, employment and incomes, as for maturity that might be a question of how and where they where raised.

As far as them taking the steps into womanhood a great deal of how young women respond to the men of today has a lot to do with how they’re received. I’ve witnessed how disrespectful a lot of young men are to their female counterparts to the point of it being embarrassing, and I must say that had I been treated that way in my younger years I too would be someone to reckon with.

What I would like to know is why do you feel being involved with an older woman is a waste of your time, if you’ve had the opportunity to meet and be with someone whom you care for, the age of that person shouldn’t matter. However, if your motives of being with that person were purely for personal gain then perhaps you are right in feeling the way that you do.

I enjoy the company of men of all ages so long as that person is respectful to me and has the “maturity” to deal with a real woman. And I can honestly say that I’ve met men half my age who had far more on the ball then ones who were my age or older so it’s not always the age of the person as it is that person’s character.

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