I'm So Vain!  

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2/7/2006 11:48 pm

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I'm So Vain!

Well it’s time for another of my philosophical blogs, I just can’t seem to help feeling the way that I do, perhaps I should just stop trying, but I’ve never been a quitter so it’s difficult for me to just give in without putting up a good fight.

I changed my profile a few weeks back I made it rather brusque, hoping that would discourage some of the obtuse suitors and perhaps provide me with a better selection of men from which to choose from. To say the least I do believe that my plan backfired, because now I’m getting twice as many dim-witted responses then before.

I‘m sure that my profile includes the fact that I work and yes it is full-time employment, so why prey tell would anyone write me and inquire about my having free time during the early to mid-afternoons on a weekday? What’s the matter guys thinking you can sneak in a little lunch-time freaking so as to keep in tune with the nine to five, and perhaps keep the old ball and chain from finding out? So I asked myself do you really want to waste a day’s pay on some dead beat that can’t get out except during the early hours of a weekday? NOT!

Now there was one response that I’m still ROTFLOLPMP at; this person actually thought that I would enjoy listening and dancing to some good ole boy country/western music. Now I love music in most forms, but read the profile people just in case you haven’t noticed in the area where it said Race the word BLACK has been checked off, now I know there may be a few Black people who enjoy country/western music but I ain’t one of them? Now just imagine me pulling up to the honky-tonk in my pick-up truck with the easy-rider-rifle-rack in the back window, cowboy boots, straw hat, and the too tight faded out jeans with the little red gingham bandanna hanging out my back pocket, oh yeah don’t let me leave out the toothpick hanging out one side of my lip. I bet that would give them something to talk about…lol. And besides honey I don’t know how to speak Redneck!

Oh and let me not leave out the people who are just so full of themselves...the others who are full of crap.... or some who are full of both. My world only revolves around me and if you by some chance get the opportunity to become a part of this inner circle then consider yourself fortunate, because that’s what you’ll need to get next to me, as it is mine to use...it’s not easily yours to be able to examine it. So send me some lame request and you’ll receive the same in response.

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