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12/18/2005 2:21 pm

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An entire week had passed since our first meeting took place and the arrival of the chocolate covered strawberries, before he called again. I had begun to worry thinking that maybe he had had a change of heart, as it turned out he was away on business. He called me from the airport, needing a ride he suggested that I pick him up so that we could spend some time together. I agreed to meet him if he was willing to wait the extra 45 minutes it would take for me to get there, with the heavy volume of traffic it turned out to be an 1:15 trip.

What to wear, I remember him mentioning in one of our many conversations, how he would love to see me in black, so black it would be. I selected a black lacy bra with matching thongs; black fish net stockings to be held up with this cute little black vinyl garter and of course my black patent leather 3-1/2 inch stilettos, to cover it all up I was wearing my black Burberry all-weather trench coat that tied on the side.

My design of seduction was coming together nicely; it was all just a matter of picking him up now. There is always so much traffic around the airport especially around the holiday season so once I reached the terminal where he was waiting I called him to be sure he would be at the curbside. Airport Security is death on people standing in the pickup zones.

I spotted him as soon as I pulled up near the airline terminal, he would be hard to miss, at 6’5”, 240lbs. there’s no way he’d ever be lost in a crowd. I blew the horn and he quickly strode to the car throwing his bags over into the backseat and taking a position in the front beside me. His lips lightly brush mine just before I pulled away from the curb.

We talked about much of nothing while listening to Christmas Carols being played on one of the local radio stations. He gave me directions as we headed back towards the city. He lives in one of those new all adult high-rise condos with indoor parking. While swiping the magnetic card he had given me to access his garage I think he noticed that I didn’t have much on underneath the coat. That wide toothy grin that I had noticed on our first meeting had appeared and his eyes began twinkling when I asked him what was up he just kept shaking his head and saying “you are!”

After finding a parking space he retrieved his bag from the rear seat and motioned for me to follow him, we walked a few feet to the lift, once inside the elevator he pressed the button for the fifteenth floor, setting his luggage on the floor near his feet he turned to me and without uttering a word he placed his arms around my waist and pulled me into him. Burying his head into my cleavage and breathing deeply, he whispered in my ear how he loved the fragrance I was wearing, while nibbling my earlobe and planting small wet kisses down my neck, onto my cheeks, nose and eyelids and finally licking my bottom lip before enveloping my mouth with his. Our tongues danced and snaked in and out of one another’s mouths as our breathing increased, I could feel the heat from his hands burning through the layers of clothing that I had on.

He pushed aside my coat and pressed his body against mine; grinding his maleness onto my thigh I could feel that he had ripened. When the elevator car reached his floor there was no longer any need for conversation, our bodies has spoken for us. He gathered his luggage in one arm and with me in the other we walked down a short corridor and entered his home.

Being the lady that I am I will only say that the pleasures were well beyond any that I imagined.

After last evening it’s a struggle for me to put my thoughts into writing so XXXXXXXX if you’re reading this I hope that you enjoyed it!?

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12/19/2005 2:52 pm

you go Queen ladyt, A Diva after my own heart done in true style!! Bravo!!!! It always helps when it's as good as you thought it would be!!! I hope it lasts as long as you want it to!!

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12/19/2005 8:20 pm

Hey Spoldrtn812

It’s been a long time coming, but defiantly worth the wait. He has restored my faith in Man-kind (LO so to speak. Can’t wait for our next interaction. With a heavy heart I’m off to take him back to the airport. That darn job has been keeping us apart, smiling with my fingers.

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