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1/6/2006 8:15 am

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Hello fellow bloggers, I’m back and in a much better mood then I was the last time I was here. I promised myself that this year I would stop allowing other people’s shenanigans get the best of me, so for those who wish to continue writing annoying notes to me, in the future if you don’t receive a reply please know that I’ve kicked you to the preverbal cyberspace curb.

Another year has passed and soon in the not too distant future I’ll be experiencing yet another birthday; I don’t let trivial things like turning another year older bother me, but I have started to take notice at how quickly the years flow by now. It hardly seems that it’s been almost 12 months since my last celebration and already it’s time to plan for the next.

I remember not so long ago how I use to relish having a birthday, especially the milestones you know the ones like turning 16 that was the most important one of all because that marked the point where my parents said I would be old enough to start dating, and oh how I longed to be like the other girls in my junior year of high school; being able to date, so I’d have bragging rights like so many others did. Wrong! I can laugh about this now, it wasn’t so funny back then, but there I was 16 with a bullet, primed and ready to take on all the challenges of dating and no one ever asked me out. I waited and waited and hoped and prayed and never once in my 16th year did anyone say to me “hey would you like to go catch a flick, or lets hit the skating rink this weekend”, in fact most the of boys from my school or neighborhood hardly noticed that I was alive.

I have to say those last two years of high school were very painful for me, as I had to watch almost every girl that I knew in school stroll past me at one point or another with their boyfriends on their arm, so much for turning 16.

Oh now I know everyone has wished for this one the big 21. Oh how I longed to turn 21. It was the seventies and the disco clubs were the hottest things happening and my older siblings were always chattering on about the good times they were having at the clubs, and I couldn’t wait to set my feet on the dance room floor and groove to the beat (I had practiced the hustle and knew every move) while the strobe lights pulsed and the mirror encrusted ball revolved over head. Well I don’t have to tell you that having cigarette burns, or drinks splashed onto that nice new dress that took a whole two-weeks salary to purchase wasn’t exactly the fun I was looking for.

Now 30-something, those years passed by almost uneventful, if not for the death of my first spouse I probably wouldn’t have much to say about turning 30. Ten years rolled by so fast that I can hardly remember having been there.

And then the huge 4 0 came about, did I say 40 felt the same as 20 to me, except the younger people whom I worked with started calling me Ms. this and Ms. that, was I really that old? Couldn’t remember getting to this juncture in life. Started taking longer looks in the mirror, didn’t really see much change there, so why all of sudden am I hearing people refer to me as being that older lady who sits in the office down the hall on the right…lol.

Now how did I get to this age without seeing it coming, 50 oh wow! My kids gave me one hell of big birthday blast, I wasn’t feeling this, so many people lots of gifts too much food and there I was looking at the reflection of a woman who had just turned half a century old. Okay so I traded my mini skirts in for business suits, held on to the stilettos though, simply because I still have nice legs and I can strut my stuff with the best of them…lol, and all of a sudden men half my age started paying more attention to me “Hello”…lmao who would have thunk it?

So here comes another year and Grandma’s planning a cross-country motorcycle trip with a group of women ranging in various ages from 18-60, so who the hell is worrying about getting another year older. I roll out of bed each morning take a deep breath, look in the mirror and say “Eat you hearts out young girls, cause this old lady is going to give you a fast hard run for your money; hey and you better hold on tight to that young man standing beside you, cause I’ve seen him cutting his eyes this way”…LOL smiling brilliantly as ever cause 2006 is looking better and better…

Have a nice day!

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1/6/2006 8:24 am

You go girl!

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