Sexual Adventures Amorous  

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4/15/2005 6:36 pm

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Sexual Adventures Amorous

lost virginity at age 18 to another 18 year old and today we still have a sexual obsession for each other...he stayed married..I left for him and stayed single without him.
Today we are world's apart and its physically impossible to touch him, and he remains a part of a past that was and is and shall never be again.
We were surfies...those were the days of surf and sun and guitars and beach parties.
We would spend the evenings singing to guitars, the wee hours curled up in blankets sleeping in hollows in the sands, breakfast over campfires with fresh bread just baked at the bakery across the road.
And we made love almost all the time. I would say we had sex at least 10 times a day that first summer. I have never been able to resist this man and he has never been able to resist me..ever.
We would drive from Melbourne to Portsea and have sex at least three times along the way and when we got there outside the house before we announced our arrival.
Then something went an overseas study trip, a friend claiming intimacy when there had been none...and I ended up marrying a guy whose idea of sex was grabbing me monthly and forcing himself inside leaving me red raw, confused and always feeling violated.
I still cannot handle pain during sex as I get swung back to a dead marriage where sex represented pain and hurt and no pleasure.
It was nothing to do with first love was over 10 inches and the size of my husband was I discovered 'normal', yet he could never fit inside me without breaking the skin and leaving me red raw and crying.
Now I think that somewhere out there in this world, there is a lover for me...someone hugely into sex with just one person
Someone who would like to be teased, excited and aroused as much as it is possible to arouse and titivate someone mutually.
He would be sexually attractive to me and he would be turned on very easily by me.
I would give my life for at least a year with a man like this...surely I can end my days the same way I started my days...with a huge burning, all encompassing, totally sensual grand PASSION that will never die and never end.

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4/15/2005 8:44 pm

Poetry. Pain. Pleasure again.


6/6/2005 10:31 pm

Sounds like my first time lover, I was 19, she was 17 of Irish decent, tall leggy, blonde and georgeous with a sexual appetite that was unquenchable, My parents didn't like her as she was from Morwell in Victoria but worst of all she was a Catholic, I loved her very dearly, but like all young'uns thought that Mum and Dad know best and left her for another that came along which was more suitable to my parents wishes, it was after she left and cleaned me out that my parents addmitted that they had done the wrong thing and that maybe they should have stayed out of it and left Mazza and I to ourselves, to this day I still love this woman and wish that the clock could be turned back, I will never stop trying to find her, last I knew she was in Albury/Wangaratta area, if anyone knows of her please tell her that her first love still cares a great deal for her, even though he now lives in Brisbane/Redcliffe. I have never found another that ignited my inner self like her, her passion was mind blowing, her memory lingers smouldering down deep inside

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