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8/6/2005 1:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Free Account Restrictive

It is not worth my while to sign up again as I will be travelling again very soon...poped in here to find all the new things are fabulous...if you are a silver/gold member...and I don't need that right now till I get more permanent.

Found all I can do is reply to a message if you have paid for me to reply, or I get a free one each day or something like that.

I couldn't even wink at this cute guy I found on my 'who's viewing me?'.

Anyway...just passing this on...and one day maybe I will join properly again...and maybe I will finding I have so many things to do these days that chasing pipe dreams does not turn me on anymore......and I only get a twinge lonely now and then....and we can handle that as 'this too will pass away'

It seems awfully difficult to find a 50+ year old who is still attractive enough to make my heart beat....and who also finds me equally attractive.

Maybe they are there but married...or chasing 20 year olds....I have started to believe I have missed the bus...and I feel sad about that as there is a lot of living just waiting to happen...and then I chirp up and think...'He is out there somewhere and we will connect soon..."

The Free account is restrictive on those days I feel like doing a search around those who searched me first....

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