Walking by your House  

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12/19/2005 1:25 pm

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Walking by your House

I'm walking by your house late at night and I notice your
bedroom window is open, I suddenly decide I should surprise
you so I scurry across the lawn and climb up the lattice just
under your window. Your room is dark and you are sleeping
and before you even know what hit you I'm leaping on you
and i'm straddling you on the bed, my hands
pressing yours against the wall above your head and i'm
raining kisses over your face, neck and ears. I suck your
earlobe into my mouth and bite down gently, I hear you
gasp quietly and smile to myself knowing you're putty in
my hands now. I notice you have a straightback chair
over in the corner, I let you go abruptly and hop off the bed.
I grab the chair and place it in the middle of the room facing
the bed then lean over you and take your hand. "Come ere
babe" I tease, you stand up and I push you down in the chair.
I straddle you and bury my face in your neck while I pull the
ribbon I had been hiding out of my jeans pocket. Before you
know what's happening I have your hands tied behind you to
the back of the chair. I lean back smiling and look into your
surprised eyes, I can see you pulling and tugging trying to get
your hands free and I laugh softly. I reach down and start
unbuttoning your shirt, I can't take it off cause your hands
are tied but I push it open then lean over and lick your nipple.
I hear your sharp intake of breath as my teeth nip gently,
I run my hands down further and unbutton your jeans,
you're breathing a little harder now as I slowly unzip you
and reach my hand inside to wrap around your hardening
cock. You don't even try to hold back the gasp of shock as
I boldly grab you and run my hand up and down the shaft
squeezing gently. Once you are good and hard I pull my
hand out, stand up in front of your knees and lean over to
grab your pants by the waist, "butt up" I command as I
start pulling. You oblige by lifting your hips up allowing
me to pull your jeans down and off, your cock is standing
at full attention so I drop to my knees and give you a wicked
smile before opening my mouth wide and swallowing it whole.
I'm laughing as I feel your body jerk in shock by my complete
lack of inhibition, I suck hard and draw my mouth back up to
lick the head, then drop back down quickly. I do this a few times,
until I hear your breathing change and your body start to
tighten, then I pull my mouth up and off then stand up.
Your eyes are half closed as I slowly peel off my t-shirt,
I shimmy out of my jeans and am now standing in front of
you wearing nothing but bra and thong. I grab my bag
before falling back onto your wonderfully soft bed, while
you watch wide eyed I reach in and pull out a long, slender
vibrator. I give it a kiss and then lay it on the bed beside me
before reaching up to unfasten my bra then slide out of the
thong. I'm watching your face as I lean back on the massive
pile of pillows behind me and start running my hands over
my full round breasts, I squeeze gently before rolling my firm
little nipples between my fingers. I reach one long, smooth
leg out and rest my bare foot on your cock as I run the fingers
of my other hand down over my belly and down between my
thighs. As I start stroking my pussy slowly and gently I move
my toes against your shaft, squeezing and pulling the tight
skin of your balls and rubbing my foot against you. You let
out a groan as you watch me spread my other leg out wide
while sliding one finger deep inside my wet slit. I rub my fingers
up and down and in and out of my pussy till i'm soaking wet
then reach out and grab the vibe, I bring it slowly to my mouth
and lick the tip before running it down my body and touching
my clit with the vibrating rod. I feel your cock jumping and
twitching under my massaging foot as you watch me slide
the vibe deep inside my hot little hole. I let go off my nipples
and quickly dip the fingers of my other hand inside my juicy
pussy before slipping those same fingers into my mouth and
sucking them clean, "oh christ" you gasp, "you're killing me
here" you are squirming and writhing under my foot and I
know your balls must be aching by now, I suck on my fingers
noisily while thrusting the vibe in and out of my pussy, getting
closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. Suddenly I feel the
spasms overtake me and I throw my head back moaning loudly,
wave after wave of hot sensation flow through my body as I
give in to the sensation. The feelings slowly subside before
I stand up in front of you, I offer the vibe up to your lips with
a satisfied smile, "how do you like me now?" I tease as you
open your mouth and lick the length of the wet instrument.
Your eyes narrow and a growl escapes your throat sending
a delicious shiver through my body. I straddle your thighs
and reach around to untie your hands knowing that I might
just regret giving you your freedom but anticipating your
reaction,,,,,,,,,"Now what?"..............

rm_sscballa24 29M

12/19/2005 1:52 pm

You make soo horny. I wanna shot my load down the back of ur throat.

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