Naughty Mommy Cont.  

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12/19/2005 1:40 pm

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Naughty Mommy Cont.

After leaving your room dripping wet and still aching with need, I had hurried to my bedroom and stripped out of my skirt and panties, the shirt went on the floor as I grabbed my vibrator out of my bedside table and threw myself down on the bed, panting with aching need I twisted the handle of the vib to the 'heavy duty buzz' level. Without waiting to stretch myself out for it's large girth I rammed it fast and hard deep inside my soaking wet cunt. I was so close to cumming when I heard you sneak in.I hear the creak of my bedroom door and smile to myself, I knew you had been awake and was hoping you would come to my room. I kept my eyes closed though and continued thrusting the large vibrator in and out of my aching pussy. Every so slowly I raised my knees a little so my legs fell open. I heard a small groan that was quickly stifled and wondered how long you would be able to stay away. I used the back of one heel to hold the vib inside me and then reached under my back to undo the clasp on my bra. I am a big, round woman and when standing gravity is not kind to my breasts, but on my back, they are quite lovely, large and round with rosy pink nipples that were standing erect at that very moment. I slid the tips of the index finger on each hand into my mouth and licked them thoroughly before gently rubbing them over my sensitive nipples, I heard a sharp intake of breath and then soft footsteps as you crept a little closer to my bed. I massaged my breasts while still holding the vib deep inside my tightening pussy with the back of my heel and began to rotate my hips. The effect of that movement brought me to a short but intense orgasm and I cried out softly. I heard you groan from right beside me and opened my eyes to find your glassy eyes staring down at my body, your rigid cock in your hand. I smiled and licked my lips, still trying to catch my breath and held out my hand, "Come here baby" I whispered " Come and taste your Mommy's juices"......

HornyMan_onLI34 46M

12/19/2005 2:34 pm

I want to get adopted, lol

rm_larry3163 66M

12/24/2005 9:25 am

Lady - I've left these comments on your "let's start off on the right foot" entry - Don"t know how often you check this site, but would love to chat with you - When I read the part about gravity and your tits, instant boner - I picture myself sitting beside you holding each of your tits and sucking their nipples - I repeat what I wrote in the comment below: for me and guys like me, you are the ultimate turn on - If your tits really do sag, great! The more they sag, the harder my cock gets, the more they need my hands and mouth for support - Anyway, Lady, my last fantasy concluded with me squirting my load while both of your nipples were in my mouth at the same time - You're my best masturbation fantasy - Would absolutely love to see the real thing: your bare tits - Anyway, here's what I wrote to you earlier -

Lady - I've been reading some of your fantasies and I have to tell you the precum is flowing and if I touch my self I'll explode - I'm so turned on by big tits (would love to see more of yours) that sag and beg to be taken in my hands and fondled and sucked - You're not old enough to be considered an older woman, but I love what you do and say, so I just want to say thank you for writing it down for us (me) - One of my current fantasy trains for some reason is to be castrated - Don't know why that is such a turn on, but this story set me off - Don't know if you'd be interested in taking this fantasy one step further and cut off my cock and balls, but I'd love to hear how you'd do it, where, when, why, etc. - Just the thought that you might be willing to castrate me stretches my boner to the limits - Anyway, love all your stories and would love to see what must be gorgeous breasts and nipples - Thanks again - larry3163

Lady - Me again - I've just been reading some of your responses to requests for pics - Don't you know that guys like me want women who are big, whose tits sag, who have trouble finding their pussies (I'd love to search for yours and explore what I found) - For us big is beautiful, not just tits, but everything - The thought of you naked, holding your jugs in each hand, with you legs spread has my juices flowing already - Lady, please reconsider - Thanks again -

boylookin2learn 30
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12/28/2005 10:13 pm

come be my mommy for a day or two?

not_telling_u 48M
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8/19/2006 9:23 pm

I think most guys have had this dream at some point; only some have had it come true.

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