striking resemblance  

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striking resemblance

She waited in the lobby of the hotel room on the man she had just met several months ago online in a sex site, as nervous as she was the excitement and curiosity made her show up for more of him. He was a handsome man, with a nice smile and beautiful dark blue eyes. He appraoched her and she smiled from ear to ear in satisfaction that he was what she had hoped for. They worked their way towards the elevator and up they went to the penthouse suite, he pressed the stop button and pulled her close to him, their lips met in a fiery passion as his fingers slipped in between her moist hot thighs waiting to feel his touch against her flesh. He slipped his finger past her silk panties and began flicking it over her clit as they both looked like mad animals tearing and pawing to touch and taste one another. Before her he slid down upon his knees and raised her skirt above his head as he moved in towards the lips with his tongue and fingers. Her knees quivered as she felt the wetness and stiffness of his tongue tasting the juices he had now built from within her. He nipples grew erect as his cock began pressing harder against the jeans he had on, he loved the way she tasted and felt wrapped around his tongue and his dreams of heaving her over and over again were making them both want to shuffle out of the elevator and into the room. He stopped and placed his hand against her as he thrust his tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy as she let out a gasp of air. She was lost in total passion as he had her on the brink of filling his mouth with her cum. Slowly he sucked her clit as if he were making love to it with his tongue. her body responding by grinding upon him and her head tossed back taking in every sensual act he was giving her. His finger began stroking her clit as his tongue penetrated her deeper and deeper unttil he slipped his finger behind her and into her ass causing her to release a rushing wave of juices upon his face, she whimpered as she came hard upon his tongue and he grabbed her by her thighs tight to make sure he got every drop of her in his mouth. Once they had regained composer he started the elevator back and smilingly awaited to reach their room. Before it could reach their floor the elevator stopped and when the doors opened before her stood a man that she had been in love with so many years ago. Her eyes twinkled as he entered the elevator, she shyly smiled and scooted over and allowed him in. As they stood there waiting he moved closer to her and began rubbing his hand across the back side of her ass. She was afraid to move because she didnt want her new lover to know that she knew him, yet she was enjoying the touch that she was oh so familiar with that rocked her world only a short time ago. Her pussy was still wet from the multiple nut she had released upon her dates tongue, and her ex was caressing her ass as if he wanted to sink his cock into her right there on the elevator as she stood next to her lover. The thoughts that began running thru her mind had made her hotter and hotter, and imagining the one tongue fucking her while the other was fuckin her in her ass made her just want them both right then and there. What was she gonna do? She felt him pinch her on the side of her thigh and she caught herself before she yelped or jumped in return. The doors opened and they walked out, she looked back at him as he smiled and winked . As they entered the room, he slowly shut the door and reached for the light. She turned to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as he pulled her closer and closer. Their bodies were as one and both had reached a level of passion that they were both intensely consumed in...(cont.)

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2/19/2006 7:09 pm got my attention! Please continue.


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Please go on do not stop now

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