Ever just want sex with no strings just SEX?  

rm_LKN4SX1971 45M
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11/12/2005 9:19 am

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8/24/2006 3:15 am

Ever just want sex with no strings just SEX?

It has always been a fantasy of mine to find someone talk with them and then just get down to business. The emotional factor in this is very minimal, than if you get to know someone and start likin or fallin for them. I believe we can and should be able to have sex and just sex! I'm not out to hurt anyone, just lookin for some pleasure. I've been studying KAMA SUTRA and the stuff in there is very interesting. THe stuff you can do is amazing on both ends! I was just curious if there was anyone that felt the same way I do? You never know what will happen, could turn out to be long term. I love to eat PUSSY, It is my favorite thing do as far as foreplay goes!!!!! I'm not the reatest looking guy out there, but I do know how to have se GREAT SEX )!!! I've also considered a couple, They have to be the right couple though! On that point I'm going to be picky! Age means nothing! and looks for the most part means nothing. If you are interested give me a ring! Fboogie99 at knac Or leave a note on my yim. you can still leave mess. on yim even if the other party isn't on. So what are you waiting for????? Lets start having fun !!!!!!! WHat do you have to loose? Just some wonderful sex!!!!happym;+ happyf;= Oism

rm_afunsxygirl 47F

11/12/2005 9:46 am

You are hot baby..wish I lived in Colorado (you could keep me warm anynight)

Babe I agree with you. When I was younger I have to say I thought sex & Love HAD to go hand in hand.. I am older and wiser now and Know Sex is Sex... Love is Love Sex and Love together well that can be downright Awsome... But Sex just for the sure pleasure of it..with the right person in the right circumstance can be just as Fantastic.
Sex is Primal its a biological urge and Love doesnt have to be involved for it to awsome. Hang in there, your a Fantastic looking man... you'll find someone who thinks like you.

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