My fantacy.  

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1/2/2006 11:51 pm

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5/24/2006 3:30 pm

My fantacy.

I have tried out many of my fantasy, most are in public, out doors and indoors, but one I have not accomplished yet.
The fantasy is in the out door elevator at the Radisson Huntley in SM. during sunset. During the summer time, the sunsets is magnificent from the out door elevator which over looks the ocean. YOU AND I can go to the restaurant for drinks and view, it is a short ride up, however, you will be wearing a short skirt with no panties and I will be wearing a lose shorts with easy access and a light jacket for privacy.
As we ride up the elevator with other patrons, I will stand behind you, both of us facing the sunset, as we enjoy the beautiful sunset and make small talk you reach back with your hand and stroke my cock till it get rock hard from the excitement. Soon I get bold, with one track mind, land I lift up your skirt from behind and slowly ease the tip of my cock in side your willing pussy. You start grinding and working your wet pussy in to my hard cock, all the while commenting on the sunset and the view.
Soon the elevator stops at the top floor but I make an excuse about leaving my wallet in the car and say we have to go back down to get the wallet. As people exit and enter the elevator you just tilt your head back and grind your self harder trying to make me shoot my cum in side your hot dripping pussy. As I feel you squzing my cock with your pussy, I thrust my cock in to you, and I feel my legs go week, I shoot my cum inside your pussy and you bite your tongue not to scream and moan as you feel your orgasm take over your body. I can barely concentrate to hold you up, my legs are shaking with satisfaction and the sensation of the elevator descending future magnifies the utopic sensation of Cumming inside your wonderful pussy. We enjoy the moment, with our eyes close, not knowing if anyone notices our ecstasy. Barely able to think straight, I lower your skirt and head out to the car with a grin on our face.
We move back out to the car and you tell me to go for a drive by the ocean with the window open and you give me a blow job. You suck my cock like there’s no tomorrow. You are still so hot, you just eat up the cum and your pussy juice off of my hard dick. As I am driving I shoot my cum in side your willing mouth. You look at me with a sly grin and swallow every last drop with a smile. We quickly clean up and head back up to the restaurant, in the elevator and smile and kiss. We have some food and cocktails and fun sexy conversation while over looking the ocean. Once we get our drink on, we head back to my place to enjoy each other more thoroughly. We take our time to lick, tease, and fuck every little inch of each other, al the while thinking about our escapade. And finally , after a good hard fuck, we lay spent in each others arms, kiss goodnight and sleep to replenish our body for the next morning. =) I think this is my favorite fantasy.

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1/26/2006 5:28 pm

call me honey....-SCREENED-

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