A fight I'll never forget.(January 27,2006)  

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A fight I'll never forget.(January 27,2006)

I'm now about to post something for two weeks ago. If I can't remember all the details, my bad, I'll remember them later. But anyways, on to the real story!

But, on January 26th, I went to the showcase to sign up for the 5th annual Rough and Rowdy Brawl along with my friend Kurt. (He was the one that got into it in the first place.) It was awhile since I had last seen him so we talked for a few minutes before he kinda rushed us over to the tables for the sign-ins. Think that took about 10-15 minutes and during that time, I was looking around to see who else was in the heavyweight division, since I knew I wouldn't have much of a choice but to be in that division. Actually, let's fast forward this, this isn't too exciting. *Fast forwards to the next day*

I had arrived at the Showcase the next day, regretting going straight to the place as I didn't have anything to eat since I had just woke up around the time everyone had to be there. Met up with Kurt once again, along with Matt since he was giving support to one of his friends. (Can't remember the guys name.) Just chilled for a bit here and there before the officals called for all the participants to listen to all that rules stuff. Dang, too many boring parts, along the next couples of hours, met people, hung out with Kurt, just talked and chilled. *Fast forwards again*

A lot of good fights had been going on in the ring when the event starts like about 7:30-8:00 P.M. and I was getting nervous as hell, because the guy I had to fight was about 6'0"- something tall, weighed one pound less then me, and had a much bigger reach advantage then my short self. *skips a couple of parts* It was time for me to get some gear on with the mouthpiece, boxing gloves, headgear, all that fun stuff. The guy that was helping my opponent(his name was Karl) and myself took a notice between the differences between us and gave us some advice right on the spot. Along with the advice of a couple of other fighters, I can quote one guy saying, "Don't feel bad if you lose to him." And surely, I wasn't going to feel bad. Then again, I showed some cockiness when Karl's friends asked him who he was fighting, and when he pointed to me, I did Chris Benoit's cut across the throat taunt. Yeah, I was feeling the role of being the arrogent jackass that was about to lose. lol

It was time for our fight, calling us out one by one, I remember just walking down the aisle, heart beating as the adreniline(however you spell it) pump through my whole body, going to the stairs that lead to the corner I was supposed to be in. Wow, what a horrible feeling. lol I did feel more at ease when the referee said, "Remember, you can't wrestle, this is a boxing match." Made me chuckle a bit. Suddenly, the bell went and there it was time. Forgive me, because I might get some parts jumbled around. But, when Karl and I met in the middle, he threw up a quick jab, then we both just went in swinging, and I believe remember during the middle of the 1st round(out of 3-1 minute rounds) I had knocked him down, but after eating a couple of those hits to the head, I was about to keep attacking but the ref stopped me.(I thought I was like in the UFC or something in the moment, I wasn't too happy.) Gave Karl the little 10 count, then we just went back at it until the bell rang. We went back to our corners and you know those little advice guys said I had won the 1st round and gave me some advice. Whatever the advice was, I wouldn't remember since I was dazed like a mofo so I just nodded like I knew what was going on. Then the announcer said it's the 3rd round, and whatever mind I had was like wtf? Man, this dude just knocked me into the 3rd round and didn't know it. He changed it back to 2nd round....shit. Went back at it, swinging recklessly but aiming for the head. It was fun stuff.....until I got knocked down since I got stunned from a few of his punches, did the little twirl fall and got up in 2 seconds, had to do that little 8 count though. I did turn the favor as I knocked Karl down for his second fall of the fight. Basically, that was the end of the third round, advice guy said I won that round as well. I was still shocked that I was winning. But man, I know my head was pounding because my vision was very blurry. Round 3 started up, and damn, it was a good fight from whatever hits I gave and took. Unfortunately, Karl scored his second fall on me at the end of the round. Got up in two seconds while the ref did his thing. But, he started asking me questions so he knew something was wrong with me, along with a bit of stagger I had. Advice guy told me I lost that round but said that was a good fight. Some reason I still thought I had lost anyways. But, when it was time to announce the winner, gave Karl a smirk, a pound, and one of those good job hugs and shit. Being announced as a winner, my jaw kind of dropped, then I got cocky with it and did a twirl around taunt, which gave me a few boos or being disappointed that I was the winner. Something like that, then I got out the ring, got asked a few more questions by some guys in the outside to see how I was. Answered most of those correctly and I went over to my friends all excited......then I lost all my energy and went to get checked out. *fast forwards*

Man, as I sat there with a little blackness underneath my black eye and a slightly busted up nose, Karl came over and chilled with me for a minute, just talked with how he was feeling, how I was, etc. But, I wasn't so sure if I would make it back, it depended on how tired I was the next day(I had to go to work after my fight was over.) So I told him I'd let him take my spot, but found out he couldn't do it, if I said I wanted to quit, then no one could replace me. So I was like sorry, but Karl's a nice dude, I was glad to fight him anyways. Besides, I just needed to take out some unneeded aggression on someone, it wasn't about the money......even though that would have been nice too. But, since I was kind of worried what was going to happen if I didn't make it, I placed a bet on myself and told my buddy Kurt that if he didn't win, I wasn't coming back the next night. Yep, one of the most horrible things I could have done and I did it. But, I wouldn't feel right without my moral support of the fights not being there. Another fast forward since the next 20 minutes was me taking one of the fighters home. *fast forwards*

I had came back to the Showcase to watch Kurt fight, and I had missed his first round. But, unfortunately, like in the beginning of the second round, Kurt had already took his last fall(he was in the lightweight division) and had lost. I felt bad just because that he lost and he was looking so forward to this competition. Eh, this is where I'm stopping the story but I'll tell you, I didn't return back to the second night of fights because of a few reasons: I had came in to work like around midnight and felt bad for the guy I had to work with that night since I left him by himself for awhile, I've got to handle my current responsiblities, my only friend at the contest couldn't participate anymore since he lost, and I slept past the bell time anyways(After fighting then working afterwords, I had no energy.) So I couldn't get in if I even wanted to. I've rambled on long enough but at least I'm not the one listening to it! *punch* The End!

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