Pedophile Mousetrap  

rm_Kozlenok 53M
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9/1/2006 11:47 pm
Pedophile Mousetrap

Ok, so Dateline (or whatever new show it was that did it) set up a sting in Florida to see if they could catch a few pedophiles. They did. In droves. I mean, holy crap, even after the show aired, and they closed down the sting, the pedophiles kept showing up. Worse yet, some of the guys that appeared saw the broadcast of the pedophile operation, and still put in an appearance for the police to scoop up. Are these guys incredible idiots (obviously they are, and thank god, cause they needed to be removed from the harm they could cause), and what the hell is with all the fucked up perverts that want to have sex with CHILDREN?

Now a number of news shows have jumped on the bandwagon, equating this to a new kind of reality show, "Come watch us lure and catch a bunch of child loving adults!" It's pervasive in the media, at least a show every week, and a whole shit load of ongoing police stings that aren't getting aired, and they are still arriving to the traps in droves! Oh my fucking God! I am beginning to look around at my friends and co-workers, and I am starting to wonder... could they... are they? I'm completely blown away by this.

Let me add one other thing. I think people are just going insane with the perversity of their desires. I mean, child porn and pedophilia are just way way way way wrong (I won't even let a woman who wants to role-play call me 'daddy' *shudder*), but there are even more people out there that just don't have any sense, scruples, or respect for their fellow human beings. I visit some sex sites, and the guys are becoming twisted, with pee shows, shit shows, ass stretching (yuck), and all kinds of fucked up shit that would take me a novelette to write down.

I think the world is going really really downhill. For me, good old sex with tons of foreplay and genuine enjoyment of closeness to your partner is all that is really needed. In the end, its not all sex anyhow, its just having someone there, someone who wants you, and that desires you back, and through which a bond or connection is established. Everyone wants a comfort zone, and that is what sex accomplishes. Why muddy it up with all the screwy perversions? Could be just me though... but the pedophilia... that is just... harm for pleasure's sake. Don't do it!

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