Women Can be pimp TOO!  

rm_KnightDJ2 65M
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8/14/2006 1:31 pm
Women Can be pimp TOO!

After nurseing us back to health the Candy Store owner told us she'd be mum about all if we'd be her boy toys! There was no question to our answer!

She began our traing and I liked the ladies still and my mate perfered the men after is experience. So her and her friends started to teach me the art of message and cunninglingus.
All training required a test and mine was to satisfy ten women at one setting. To say the least I passed. Next course was how to fuck without taking advntage of the ladies. Here is the diference of fucking a women or getting fucked by an asshole of a self centered man, Again the test night came I passed with one surprise! One of the ladies liked to be dominated! She said I was OK but need further training in being a Master for those needing one.
This took another year but the training was well worth it for this was a real joy to be in control!

After this my customers paid the Candy Lady 80 pounds for my services which was three times what a normal male whore would get.

I was in the business for three years until my family move and the Candy lady gave me 500 pounds on my leaving her service.

You ladies can be so demanding yet so so wonderful!

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