Life Doesn't Get Better  

rm_KnightDJ2 65M
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5/7/2006 12:53 pm
Life Doesn't Get Better

I woke up in pain and bleeding and thought my world had come to an end! Well in a way it had ! The local candy store lady found us somehow and nursed us back to health and kept our shame a secret on one condition!

We became her private whore's, boy toys, to give out to her lady friends. On the average three old ladies used us each week for the next three years of our lives. They taught us a lot about pleasing women and meeting their needs versus our male ego's.

this later would give us the appearance of our male friends as "lah lah" or "poof's" in English terms "queers" in the U.S. But believe me we weren't and the ladies knew it well!

None of these people were ever caught or has the whole truth ever come out on my behalf until I married this last time. A hell of a secret to keep from the ladies I loved. but I felt they could not have handled it!

Could you have if you'd married me and then I told you I'd screwed over 50 ladies in this short three year period!

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