Life Controled by Someone  

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6/29/2006 12:01 pm
Life Controled by Someone

After Kay the Candy shop owner found us and nursed us back to health a kind of hell started. Kay said she would not tell our parents about the on two condition 1.) We do things to each other that she would enjoy watching and 2.) We would have sex with whom ever she said whenever she said. she wanted it to start that day that hour!

I and the boys talked it over and agreed we did not want our parents to know anything so we agreed to Kay's terms.

First she had us strip and fondle each other and had me the oldest screw the other boys and they had to keep me hard with blow jobs. She sat across from us and frigged herself with her dildo until she came at least four times.

Over the next two weeks this was the limit of her activities with us, but that was soon to change and once it did it took three years to stop.

She first sold my services to two sixty year old widows that had not had sex since their husbands had left them alone. Oral sex is what they enjoyed most and on the average they made me dine on them three times a day and then Glory the oldest like her arse hole tongue fucked before I went home for the evening.

It was three months before I found out the youngest boy was being given to old men while his brother and I tended to the ladies.

Shockers where yet to come!

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