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5/21/2006 12:15 am

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My answer to Fritz

Well I read your “not sure if I want an intimate relationship” blog, and I have to tell you that the first 6 paragraphs (and yes I am counting the single sentences as a paragraph, as little bit a rambling, would you should have said was:

S = Seconds
E= Ecstasy
X = X-rated

Hence the word SEX, seconds of ecstasy for a little bit of x-rated time, that is the meaning of SEX.

While Intimacy

I = Involved
N = Nerves
T = Time
I = Intense
M = Malleable
A = Act
C = Cooperation
Y = The “Y” not the "G" spot for “YES”

Involved is the nerves of both while time stops to the intense pleasure of the malleable bodies involved in the act of cooperation of the word “YES” yes I want intimacy, yes I want time, yes I want to be malleable, yes I want to be involved in the act, yes lets do this together.

While the “what is woman to me”

The answer should be, being a woman is never being too much the lady, strong yet gentle, hard yet soft, load yet not, knows how to be strong, knows when to be soft, knows when to be hard in her actions and thoughts, yet knows when to back away, knows when she is needed to be strong, yet able to give up that control when safe, knows it takes two to make it work.

This is my answer to your blogs, you see women are not all soft or hard, they can be both. See for centuries man has had control over the woman and now they are slowly starting to learn that woman do not need to be controlled, we just want to be equal and sometimes that equal means that we should be allowed to explore our sexuality without the fear of being labeled the “slut”. You see Men have been having multiple women since time began and that was considered their due, while if a woman was divorced or had sex before marriage were called “slut” so do not condemn the woman for now stepping up and taking their due, I say it is about time. Like you we will know when it is right for us to have that intimacy, when it is right for that long-term relationship, sometimes we will stumble, sometimes we will fall, but that is what life is all about, learning.

Sincerely a woman who now knows she is ready…

rm_fritz19592 58M

5/26/2006 4:16 pm

Me doth sense some anger in your words but the meaning is not lost. For I agree women in general have been denied ackowledgement as capable equals in this society. And yes, I did perhaps ramble but after all I human too.

Profound and meaningful

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