Do i have an addictive personality?  

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7/23/2006 4:42 pm
Do i have an addictive personality?

i will start by saying this i am a 21 year old white british male, who works a 9-5 in middle management. why do i feel like i have fucked everything up in life i shunned uni for the chance to earn cash and i lived it! 2 years later im promoted and now hate my job and the people i work for and with this is my blog of escape(ism)

fri 22nd: finish work late once again dont get away untill 830, shower shit and shave and im ready for yet another drunk night out to return home alone! joy however i get drunk and start conversing with a lovly lady one thing goes to another we have to much in common to be true the everning ends in the exchange of numbers and saliva! ive never been the one for dating however what is the appropiate time to send a txt give them a call? one of the downfalls for being male i suppose! i decide to leave it ill send a txt sat morning! no response for a day do i leave it or give the girl a call! im still undecided!

this may seam a little random but please post what ever you want, ill try to respond to every one if anyone actually reads this!!
thanks for the last 5 mins
mike xx

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