Your Tax Information For Sale!  

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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3/24/2006 6:39 am

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6/4/2006 10:09 am

Your Tax Information For Sale!

Tax preparers may soon be allowed to sell your tax information to other commercial interests. Do you think they should be able to do so?
Depends on what information is included.


rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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3/24/2006 9:20 am

Hi thomas...

Good to see you. If this proposal goes through..they would be able to sell the information outside of their corporate umbrella.


interested13563 53M
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3/24/2006 11:48 am

This commercial exploitation of private information
is quite disgusting.

RevJoseyWales 69M/66F
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3/24/2006 1:09 pm

Tag, Kiss, sorry about that. Joe

"McVeigh had the right idea, wrong address."

"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok."

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
1435 posts
3/24/2006 3:15 pm

Hey interested...

How's it going today? Always good to see you. is discusting. I suspect it's only going to get worse.


You dirty dog!! Damn..I had intended to get you first.
I just forgot.


KarezzaMagick 64M
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3/24/2006 6:55 pm

Should they be allowed to do so?

Depends, I suppose, upon whether the customer reads the fine print. Nobody reads that, usually. But should you read it and dislike what it says, then go someplace else. If their fine print you also find objectionable, then simply prepare the tax forms yourself or find someone who knows how to prepare them... draw up a contract with them... and make sure your fine print]/b] says they can't do that!

Now what's so difficult about that?

To avoid redundancy, go to your ealier post, here: What The Fuck File..#1, and read my further comments!

KarezzaMagick 64M
165 posts
3/24/2006 7:06 pm

interested13563 , it's not really "private" information, you know. If it was private, you could not be required to divulge it to the IRS. Right? Think about it.

You've been a slave from birth, right here in the CORPORATE UNITED SNAKES! Just like the rest of us.

So what are you/we going to do about it?

champagnechaser 41F
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3/24/2006 7:16 pm

Not good. What's next?

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
1435 posts
3/25/2006 4:22 pm

Hi champagne...

Good to see ya girl..away from the mansion for awhile and our male concubines.

Hello sexyfit...

No..I haven't seen your design. It sounds like a great idea. Is the CEO considering it? What would it take for him to implement?


domfree477 61M
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3/29/2006 4:07 pm

Let's see, Dick makes billions, the Congressmen are allowed to do inside trading, they get benefits none of us are entitled to and we're all still swallowing this IRS Income Tax bullshit? Oh that's right if we did away with income tax all the Revenue Agents would either have to go after Corporate America or get in the unemployment line. Wonder how they'll like working for an illegal immigrant at Wal Mart for minimum wage? Wouldn't it be nice if your phone had a spam button? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, next!

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