Touching the Goddess Within...  

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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5/12/2006 10:07 pm

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5/20/2006 10:28 am

Touching the Goddess Within...

I believe a woman should surround herself with nice things..beautiful things. Flowers..sumptuoous
incense..things to help herself feel beautiful. I feel she owes it to herself. It helps connect with the Goddess within.

One of the things I love is beautiful fabrics. I pick my flow about sway when I walk. I don't like wearing pants. I don't like pantie hose. Silks..satins..cottons..are my favorites. I prefer the natural fabrics.

I love the traditional dress of the women of some of the African countries and of India. The first time I ever wore something resembling a sari..I had bought material to design my wear on Halloween. I was to do readings at an a place called Calhoun square. I was one of several readers.

My self styled sari..was actually 4 yards of designer fabric..a long rust colored skirt..a short sleeved rust colored..rather form fitting..blouse. I wore authentic Indian earrings..and a red dot on my forehead. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself.

I really liked the feel of the have made it a regular part of how I dress..when I want to relax with a special someone. Even on occassion..I will wear these styles out in public. They're very feminine. It's also nice to wear just the drape part of the sari..the long flowing scarf like part..for that special someone.

I still have that first outfit..I wore that Halloween. I've scanned the drape part..and posted it here to show you. The scanner doesn't do it justice. The faint grayish lines you see..are actually silver lines on the fabric. It's really quite beautiful.

I now have two real saris. I feel beautiful when I wear them. Treating yourself to beautiful things..does not have to be expensive. Rather than buying pop..snacks..or coffee at Starbucks..I treat myself to flowers. I have a shop I go to for art prints..and framing.

I do confess to a weakness for earrings..for my pierced ears. I have 3 holes in each ear. When I wear my more African outfits I will wear earrings in all the holes. Some earrings..I make myself..some I buy. Only sterling silver or gold..and semi precious stones.

Every woman should do things to help herself feel touch the Goddess within.


RevJoseyWales 69M/66F
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5/13/2006 3:29 am

Absolutely Kiss. All women deserve to feel beautiful, because they are. I have always subscribed to the theory that every woman shuld be called beautiful at least once a day. Aways worked for me. Joe

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Gypsy329 46F

5/14/2006 5:39 pm

so agree kiss...Though I do wear pants alot. I occasionally wear some African garbs because I love how feminine, beautiful and regal they make me feel. The same for when I visit my mom's family who are from East India. My mother insists that I wear traditional Indian attire complete with sari, bracelts and bindi and she insists that i put a ring in my peirced nose and wear Indian shoes. I have to admit I love it though. If the weather is nice and I know we'll be spending time outdoors, I decorate my feet, the day before, with henna and wear open shoes.

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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5/17/2006 8:07 am

As always..thanks for your kind words.

Thank you for your compliment. You are also beautiful. May you feel it every day.

I so agree.

So nice to see you. This type of clothing really does make a woman feel very feminine and regal..doesn't it? That's why I love it. I bet you look gorgeous when you wear them. One day you should take a picture of your feet decorated with the henna and post it. I've never seen that.


redswallow777 48M
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5/19/2006 9:20 pm

Simple but sumptuous.......good way to design a living space and yourself.

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