That Feeling....Again.....  

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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1/7/2006 6:02 pm

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5/22/2006 9:00 pm

That Feeling....Again.....

Maybe it would be more accurate
to say I have that feeling still.
It's always there...
sometimes in full blown...flaming heat...
sometimes just barely submerged...
beneath the surface.

Every time I see his name...
or talk to comes over me.
You know that feeling?
I want to get as close to him as possible...
almost to the point of
merging my flesh into his.

We're in a public place...
so I wish for music and a dance floor...
so we can at least pretend to dance...
as an excuse to be
that close to each other.

I want to put my arms around his neck...
press against him...
feel my erected nipples against his chest.

I look at his lips and want to trace their outline with my fingertips...
then taste them with my own.

I want his strong arms around me...
those long expressive fingers...
then smoothing over my curves...
delving into my valleys.
The angles of his body...
meld so well into me.

The sound of his voice wraps me in a warm...hypnotic cocoon.
He has stolen my senses...
I seem suspended in time.

He looks at me and gently smiles.
I feel the imprint of his lips...
his kisses...
although we haven't even touched.
My body throbs with the orgasm...
that has not yet taken place.

My heart is pounding...loudly.
It is difficult to breath.
I can see and feel
the fullness of the promise
contained within his gaze.

© copyright 1/06 jfc


mnowl 62M

1/8/2006 1:50 am

She is here, there with me in my mind.
And the desire inside
Seems to grow with
every day, every moment
aching for her touch
her acknowledgement
that I exist, that we exist.

Just looking for her
anticipating her presences
I become hard.
Wanting, hoping that when I
look, open my eyes
she will be looking back.

And when she is
the erection is so hard
so intense your muscles contract
sending juice dripping
out searching for her essence,
leaving that tell tail stain

It does not matter if you
are with her
for a minute or an hour or a day
the erection remains
not knowing when you
can explode, it lasts
and lasts… impossible

She moves to the dance floor
filled with music from her psyche.
All you want is to hold her close
feel you pressing against her.
Wrap yourself in her arms
in her soul, in her heart
knowing all to well
that you could lose
control, lose your self

In your embrace you turn her,
her ass presses against your penis
her back against your chest
somehow standing, dancing
her one leg is wrapped around you
her hands reaching back
for your being

Slowly, tenderly you cup her breasts
take her nipples hard with anticipation
in your fingertips making them harder
still, begging to be suckled.
One hand moves up to her neck
where you can feel her pulse
racing in unison with yours
the other moves lower
over her belly, into her pubic hair
finding her clit
you lust to be on your knees
sucking but no… this is better

Somehow she is pressing harder
into you, merging with you
one of her hands now on your ass
one on your penis gripping
you tight for dear life
tighter and tighter
like her vagina during orgasm

Your hand caresses her clit
and for a moment she shudders
it is only the beginning
Her knees buckle
but you hold her tight as fingers find
her opening and penetrate.
Oh sweetness!

Your lips on her neck, hot
sweating, giving your tongue
a taste of her driving you on
fingers inside,
her hand like a vice upon you.
Your bodies trembling
plead, scream for release.

There is no sound
only the drumming of your hearts as one.
You cum together, wetness, a rush.
The throbbing
fulfilling the promise of a first touch
that unconditionally
you belong together.

And the dance goes on.

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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1/8/2006 8:56 pm

Your response to my thoughts..
are like a touch..a warm caress.
You wrap my mind in a haze of desire.
You are making love to me
with your well chosen..
seductive words.

What woman does
not dream of being
kissed..caressed and loved
in such a deep..
all consuming manner.

How can my mind..
my body..not react.
How can I resist you..
when you shower me
with such passion?

My eyes close..
my heart flutters
my body yearns..
and I moan.


mnowl 62M

1/9/2006 6:00 am

You make it easy
Each drop from my shower
Surrounding you
Entering every crevice
Is a dream, a hope, a desire
That you bring forth
I direct my hands
My tongue
My penis
But you make them move
You bring out the passion
You are the one

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