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12/24/2005 4:12 pm

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They say it belonged
to a voodoo priestess...
this big brass bed of mine.
They say that she cast a powerful love spell... which effects all who sleep here.

The curved design of the aged...burnished brass...
seems to flirt with the eye...
as though it knows this bed is used
for much more than just sleeping.

Since it called to me...
in that second hand shop...
I have slept in this bed...
loved in this bed...
become brazenly wanton...
in this bed. I lay here...naked...
waiting for what I know is to come...
I am already wet and throbbing.

Your eyes caress me...
from head to toe.
My nipples become hard...expectant.
My breasts rise and fall
with quickened breath.
There is a quivering warmth in my belly.
My moist center...
I moan...a long...drawn out...
moan of pleasure...
as though you were already within me...
stroking...stirring me deeply.

I look at your mouth...your lips.
My body arches...
remembering how they gave me pleasure...
how your tongue dipped inside of me
and called forth my nectar.
My clitoris throbs...pulses...harder...
remembering the gentle...
then more urgent suction of your lips.
It recalls the long...slow...
lapping of your tongue.

My hand...of its own accord...
reaches down and spreads the entrance to my secret depths.
My finger dips inside...
to gather some of the silken liquid.
I gaze into your eyes...
as I slowly rub my standing sentinel...
my hips undulating to the motion.
My whole body...
open to you.

As you come toward me...
toward the anticipated promise...
I feel myself falling into you.
My mind steps...
into that other dimension.
The spirit of the voodoo priestess lives. hungry for you.
It is time to fulfill the promise.
Come...into our big brass bed.

© copyright 12/05 jfc


mnowl 62M

12/25/2005 3:46 am

I stand here watching you on that brass bed
my pulse is racing as I throttle back my desire
the fullness of you draws me in slowly, slower
grabbing my penis I pound… giving it satisfaction
so it doesn’t control me…
I hunger for every crevice of you, every drop of your sweetness
my erection points the way, harder and harder
but it is my tongue that will do the searching
your clitoris glistens with your wetness and I cannot stop
I taste your desire and it is sweet, oh so sweet
I drink all that I can pulling the nectar from you
playing with your sentinel
I cannot remain, there is so much to discover.
my hands reach under you and feel, caresses the fullness of you
holding on as my tongue now with your wetness lingering on my taste bids
I glide up over your belling up your chest
until I find your breasts, those nipples hard, reaching for me
taking them full in my mouth I circle each wetting each,
measuring their hardness with my teeth
tender, firm breasts I am lost
again my hunger takes me further… I must breath
I nestle in the depths of your neck
feeling your pulse as it races with mine
tempting me to return to your sweetness,
I linger
my hand rests on you stomach
your back arches up to me
I feel your warmth, your heat and it moves me on.
your lips begging mine,
as they touch ever so slightly
then press with a force beyond our control
I breathe you into me as our tongues dance
oh God… oh voodoo priestess of love of passion
I have you inside of me
how long have I been here, and hour a moment
time has no meaning
again I must move on
driven by my hunger for you,
I turn you over and
as you turn your full throbbing lips
find the head of my penis
licking, sucking surrounding my head
pleading for mercy as you take in my full measure
I cry in agony as I know you can taste my saltiness
holding off the beginnings of my first orgasm
remembering the journey is not over
for the voodoo priestess beckons
slowly I begin the descent down your back
Into the smallness just above your full round buttocks
my tongue continues down, separating the divide,
reaching, tasting your inner most secrets
lying there on your stomach
I pull you up to me and on your knees
reaching around you
cupping the fullness of your breasts,
your nipples still firm from my visit
my penis now ready to explode, pulsating
slides up and down your openness
and again
as if trying to decide which to penetrate
teasing at both
we are floating
our wetness mingling together
I shudder my hunger not yet satisfied
again I turn you over
spread you legs apart
holding those thighs that invite
revealing your special dimension
drawing out of reality and into our private dimension
those luscious lips, I kiss each tenderly
and penetrate the depths of you
drowning in your silken fluids
have you cum?
no just waiting, preparing
your sentinel is hard, as my tongue feels it throbbing
begging to be caressed, to be released
sucking ever so gently I swallow all you offer
there is more, much move as I probe deeper, deeper
thrust after thrust I am out of control
your hips in full unision with me rise in a final push
as you cum gushing over me, I hear you cry
drink… oh sweet fluid of life
I must go deeper still
as my penis parts your lips and penetrates
in its first exploration of your depths
your thighs tighten around me pulling
deeper still, and again searching for the voodoo priestess
finding her in a joining of our hips cumming together
in a final melding of our fluids
we writhe in rhythmic organism
throbbing, pulsating, filling you,
satisfying the priestess’ thirst
never stopping
keeping my promise, I cum again
oh brass bed, what day is it?
I never knew there could be such joy
and yet I know there is more

rm_Musicheart1 68M
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12/27/2005 10:04 am


your words are amazing and reflect the depth of a woman who has arrived, and knows who she is, and where she wished to go.

Thanks for sharing such intimacies. You are a rare woman and one deserving of an equal passion.

More, please, more,


rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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12/30/2005 1:51 pm

Musicheart1 and Curious:

You're very welcome...
I'm pleased that you enjoyed the postings.


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