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The sun rouses me...
its light warm upon my skin.
I stretch...slowly...
luxuriating in the memory of him.
My hand rests where his lips have been..
.and follows the remembered trail.
The nipples tease the palm of my hand...
as they rise in recognition of his recent homage.

His essence is still with me...
the weight of him imprinted on my mind.
My wide bed...the rumpled sheets...
tell of the pleasant struggle won.
I can't help but shiver with the lingering ghost of his touch.
Does he know that he has tied me to him...
with the silver cord of desire.
There is no escaping from him.
My whole body burns...
with the thought of his next coming.
The very beat of my heart calls to him.

I shower...dress...
my lips still feeling the press of his kiss.
At work...I smile...
say and do the right things.
The clock ticks...slowly...
every minute an hour.
Can others see the glow that I feel?

Flowers...white roses...on the way home...
now arranged on the table in a crystal vase.
They used to be his favorite.
I eat a lone supper.
The sun is brilliant in its setting colors of and gold.

He always comes to me at sunset.
No key in the door...opening and closing.
He's just simply... there.
A faint aura of light surrounds him...
and gently flickers as he moves.
He stays with me...loving me...
until the morning comes.
His body's death does not restrain him.
His sworn love and passion live...
beyond the grave.
I cry out in estasy...
I weep with the joy of him.
He chose to keep his promise...
in the afterward.

© copyright 3/20/05 jfc


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