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11/28/2005 1:48 pm

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SNOW...I hate snow!

It sucks you in..
with its innocent looking..
softly falling beauty..
its individual lace patterned flakes.
It rests whitely upon pine
and bare branched trees..
creating a Christmas card image.
I used to play in the stuff..
before I grew up
and learned how insidious it really is.

Muffled footsteps leave the gentle prints
of the brave souls who venture out
into that silent falling.
Its blanket rests under crisp air
and brightly twinkling stars.

Then...the next morning..
reality strikes!
You open the door..
the cold smacks you in the face.

The snow plows have cleared the streets..
piling snow banks waist high.
Never mind that you already cleared a path
to the street.
Your hard fought path..
is now closed in..packed in..
by the city's metal monsters.

You have no dignity as you struggle
through the drifts.
Have to move the car
to the other side of the street.

I's a racket!
The city and those towing bastards..
sure have a sweet thing going.
Now I know why they have those vicious dogs
at some of those towing yards.
I know I'D like to hurt somebody!
$75 to get my car back!
Then they add insult to injury..
a fucking $65 ticket!
The bitch even had the nerve to smile at me
and say "have a nice day".

SNOW...I hate snow!

Two days later..under gray skies..
the snow is car is gray..
splashed by passing gray cars..which..
were in turn splashed by other gray passers by.
The melting snow is splashed into my gray boots..
making my already cold feet..damp and numb.

Then..there's the pot holes.
That innocent looking snow..melting..
becomes water..then freezes..becoming ice
which expands..breaking up the streets.
Walla..the mother of all pot holes!
Broken axel..more car repairs.
I've heard of cars falling in..
never to be seen again.

A sister who lives
in sunny South Carolina told me..
"we wish for snow down here".
Well..I WISH I could send it down to you.
You can have it ALL..
as far as I'm concerned.

I hate the stuff. SNOW!

© copyright 3/19/05 jfc:


AlterNative58 58M
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11/28/2005 11:18 pm

You know, we have people that have moved from up there to down here and they all express the same thing when we Texans wish for snow. It does sound to be quite a pain. But seeing as how I've only seen it fewer times than I can count on one hand, I have to say, it is still something to wish for. It never lasts that long anyhow. So, go ahead and send us some.

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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11/29/2005 10:18 am

Well you wouldn't say that in 20 degrees below zero..and when the winter just goes on and on and on for months on end and never seems to end. All the dirty gray snow and ice. Believe me..if I could...I'd give it all to you. LOL


rm_cru1972 44M
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3/15/2006 1:48 pm

You must be from My area of the woods. I've lived all over this country & ppl never understand just how bad snow is!!!!! You didn't even get into all the problems with shoveling, Like HEARTATTACKS, even DEATH. lol

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