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11/10/2005 2:24 pm

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I hear that men also go through menopause of a sort. But I can't imagine that it is the same as what a woman goes through. I've made the trip...and have reached that stage of my sanity in least I think so.

But my about horny!!! It's almost a constant thing these days. Help me!!

I find myself looking at men...their eyes...their lips...their hands...wondering what it might be like. How would his lips...his hands feel on my body. I look at his crotch...hummm...and how would THAT feel moving in and out of me...anywhere...just since it was in me...somewhere. I've found that orgasm IS more intense after menopause. How absolutely wonderful!! Makes all those years I suffered almost worth it. I celebrated with friends...a menopause party. I invited both women and men friends. The women were delighted at the thought...a couple of the guys weren't sure what to make of the idea. But the guy I'd shared a bed with in the past...just grinned and winked. Oh ya...he still conjurs up very pleasant and pleasurable memories.

There was a time I would never have admitted to having these feelings...since I was taught that such things were dirty. Now-a-days...I know better. I relish those feelings. I love the fact that I can still feel them even more strongly than before. I've also learned from my past lovers...some good to very good...some not so good. I've learned that I am able to respond...and give pleasure in return. One of my greatest joys is to hear a man moan or yell as I bring him to a throbbing orgasm within my mouth...and feel him relaxed and weak after he's given me his liquid. Something about that makes me feel feminine and powerful...within that femininity. And I really love it when he reciprocates with his mouth and then fills me deeply and slowly.

I tell my friends that I'm in trainning to become a "dirty old lady". Hey...the day I don't feel that tingle any more...the curling of my toes...the throbbing...warm...moist melting of my center...I guess...I'll be dead. In the meantime...OOOOhhhhh...YOU LUSCIOUS MEN!!!


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