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9/2/2006 6:27 pm

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I pulled out one of my tarot decks tonight. I do this sometimes to meditate. Funny thing..this particular deck..I haven't used for about 15 years. A long..long time.

It's called the Xultun Tarot. The deck is based on the culture of the ancient Mayans of Central America. The deck's creator..Peter Balin used the symbols and myths of this civilation..which brings a compelling feel and perspective. Something very special about the Xultun deck is that the 22 cards that make up the major arcana..when joined together in the proper order..form a large tableau.

I guess this is important to me..only in the fact that it seems to trigger a deeper level of thought within me. It provides a focus to open to the higher levels. There are many different keys..this is just one.

Only one time before on this site..have I mentioned that I do readings..psychic readings. Something I began to do professionally in 1979. After years of hiding..of being discourged from letting people know..about that side of myself..I was encourged to do the members of a church that I had begun to attend. What drew me in was the fact that they did not scoff at "the gifts of the spirit" or the possibilities. But believed that all have the part of our spiritual makeup.

I did readings a way to earn my living..for about 5 years. It was a rewarding time for me. I learned much. Probably more so than the people I read for. Although I've not completely cured myself of the tendency toward judgemental attitudes and behavior..I have learned there is no such thing as strickly good and evil. In fact..the longer I live and the more I see of the many shades of life..I've come to believe that judgemental tendencies..should be transmuted into discernment. And that is a tendency that should not be purged.

Even as we pull against what we perceive as wrong or the wider world..that same war goes on within ourselves. Hitler..for instance..had a warm and loving people he may have been close to. But the evil he the wider world..far out weighed the good.

When I rise my consciousness and look down upon the physical world..I see the lines of light that connect us to the other. It is indeed..a struggle..good against evil..but within the same body of humanity. What effects one..effects us matter how far space and time. Until we learn that and know it's truth..the suffering in the world will continue. We are evolving as a a spark of the divine. We are working our way towards home.

Picture: Book Cover.."Flight of the Feathered Serpent" by Peter Balin (Campanion book to the Xultun Tarot Deck)


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9/3/2006 11:48 am

I really liked reading this post today - I especially appreciated what you said about turning judgement to discernment. Thank you.

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9/4/2006 7:01 pm

You're very welcome. I'm glad you found something of value here.

It's always gratifying to know when someone is open to what I try to communicate. Thank you.

Sometimes the noise of the daily world gets in the way of my discernment. But I'm working on it.

It has often been a lonely journey. Somtimes there are those who scoff at what they don't know or understand. I know also..without you saying..that you have been there.

I have found from memories and dreams.. that have bloomed since early childhood..that myths often hold truth. I know also that metaphysics..metaphor..ancient civilizations..and symbols..blend form a truth..stranger than what we call fiction.

The breath can awaken the serpent. The rising serpent..can unlock the door. My shamanic journeys have shown me landscapes of wonder and beauty. I work to be worthy of the knowledge and responsibility.

The time has been fast approaching. A battle has been waging for millenniums..and is again..becoming more intense. Will we be ready to step into the role?

I am also happy to know YOU and call you a sister of spirit.

BOOK: "The Way of the Shaman" by Micheal Harner


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9/7/2006 3:10 pm

Carol reads herself, and has several decks. Runes too. Distance is such a bitch. Joe

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9/10/2006 11:01 am

I think it's pretty cool that Carol reads the Tarot and Runes. What that says to me is that she has interest beyond the physical things in life. You're married to a pretty neat lady Joe. I also suspect..she's helped you keep it all together. Yes..I'm being flippant.


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