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Dark eyes..intense..and smiling
Lips..softened by their curve.
Skin..smooth..and olive..
kissed by heaven's orb.
Dark hair..waved and shining..
its length held in place by silver.
Strong and slender build..
pronounced by the darkness of his shirt.

I watched the long expression of his fingers
strum the notes from his guitar.
The reds..the blues..the yellows..
flowing from the strings.
The sound brought images
of desert sands and blowing winds.
The memory of footprints
and castles built upon the dunes..
of many ages past
and purple mists across the moon.

I found a home inside his music
and a longing for this man.
He found the rhythm of my heart..
a syncopatation to his beat..
a flowing..dancing..gladness
reflected in my feet.
A delight of visions painted..
in sounds upon my ear.
was it the instrument he played..
or me.

© copyright jfc: 3/8/05


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