Cars That Run On Used Cooking Grease!!  

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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3/22/2006 5:34 pm

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7/15/2006 9:00 pm

Cars That Run On Used Cooking Grease!!

A while ago I heard about this guy who ran his truck on used cooking grease instead of gas. He claimed he saved $6000 a year on fuel for his car. My thought at the time was..ok..what's the catch.

The same information kept popping up here and there..people running their cars on used cooking oil in place of gas. So I finally decided to do some research about it. Guess what I found. More and more people are learning that they don't have to spend a small fortune fueling their cars. There are already alternatives to oil derived fuels for our cars.

I've wondered why the big car makers have been unable to make a car that was safe..and could save money on gas. WELL THEY Europe!! But they've not made them available to people here in the USA!!

In fact they've acted as though it was such a monumental task that it will take them years to accomplish it. There are cars available in Europe that get 35 to 40 miles to a gallon of gas!! I can only say..these companies have obviously been playing us Americans for chumps!

As I was typing this..a news story came on the radio..saying the government would be coming out with the new standards for auto emissions and fuel economy. I think about the statement President Bush made..he "wants to ween Americans off their dependence on oil". Oh really..well..please forgive my cynicism but it's become abundantly clear that the government is more concerned with protecting the profit of the big oil companies and the auto makers..than they are with protecting consumers and the environment. Since they're not doing it..we're going to have to look out for ourselves.

My research also turned up news articles that reported on people converting their diesel cars to run on used cooking grease. They get it for free from restaurants that would otherwise have to pay to have it carted away!

There are kits that you can buy to convert your diesel car to burn used cooking grease in place of fuel derived from oil. I found a place by simply typing in "cars that run on used cooking oil".

My next car will be a diesel and I will be working to get one of those kits installed.


rm_cru1972 44M
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3/22/2006 6:21 pm

Back in the mid70's this guy invented a carburator that got 30+ miles a gallon. Regular gas even, do many ppl even remember that? Anyway the guy trys to get a patent, time ran out... The Big Three got wind of it, bought it, & have we heard about it yet? A little inside knowledge 4 you

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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3/22/2006 8:06 pm

Hi cru..welcome back.

Heard rumors before about things like that. There've been more programs of late on public radio about such topics.

Yup..we're just going to have to look out for ourselves..cause the people who claim to be..aren't. The agencies that are supposed to be aren't.

I figure if enough people find out about how to run their cars on the used cooking grease..the government and car companies will try to find a way to take control of that somehow and muck it up.


outdoorsman3174 42M

3/23/2006 7:00 am

I Have a diesel truck, and have looked in to running on Bio-Diesel.

The Diesel engine was actually designed to run on cooking oil. The petroleum industry actually had to figure out how to make diesel fuel just so it could make a profit.

The key to getting a diesel engine to run on cooking oil is to get rid of the Tri-glycerides in the oil. Tri-glycerides will clog up your engine kinda like they will clog up your heart. Actually, tri-glycerides will eat the fuel lines and the rubber seals. You can run an engine on just straight cooking oil, but after a little while you will need to replace the seals.

You can remove the Tri-glycerides from cooking oil and create what is called Bio-diesel. To do this you need lye, and Methyl Alcohol. The process looks fairly simple.

There are a few recipes online for making bio-diesel, and I have yet to try it myself, but it does sound interesting.

mygmyg 59M

3/23/2006 2:31 pm

KMS, Wllie Nelson has a bus and his cars all run on the bio-diesel! he has been doing this fora couple of years!!

KMS, you're HIT THE NAIL on the head...the gas mileage/emissions of cars has been an issue since just before 1970, the muscle car era, when 4-8 miles per gallon for the huge horsepower inefficient engines radically changed with emissions controls being the focus and also the gas mileage came into play as the power was significantly cut with the "smog controls".
The smog controls "choked" the high horsepower output so much that engineering high performance was deemed beyond present technology/profitability.
Focusing manufacturing on less exhaust producing engines to lower power output reduced emissions and by using smaller engines the MPG went up!!
With the SUV "craze" the large engines have made a comeback, and the emission equipment has been refined so that the "Muscle" is back in passenger cars with much better gas mileage than was possible over the past 30 years.

European/Japanese " engine performance", plus emission control, during this period kicked U.S. car manufacturers to the curb. Performance of 4 and 6 cylinder engines in their passenger cars with equal or better MPG set the bar, US car makers have focused on closing the performance gap and the MPG/emissions has been to the conservative(our Gov. ignoring enviro/global warming issues for 30 + years) required consumption/emission levels that is mandated by our government.

Imagine if congress went to zero harmful emissions, a hydrogen powered car, with only water as an emission!! If this had been mandated in 1985 and required for all new cars in 2005 or 2010, all the auto makers would be on track to have these engines ready for use!!

Didn't I read that A. Schwartznegger converted all his hummers to hydrogen fuel??
If oil is not "The Fuel", does this not take the focus off the middle east?? and would we be involved in a war today that we all know is about oil!!???

Oil based fuels would still be used/needed, but not at the consumption levels of today, passenger vehicle emissions would decline incredibly in 10 years, but we keep the same people in congress, at a 99% re-election rate, and expect things to change.

Is our government "protecting" the domestic auto maker, which is just barely "keeping up" with foreign competition, or would a mandated fuel change have "leveled the playing field" for U.S. automakers and also bring about a "POWER" shift for the whole world and a cleaner environment to boot!!

pandoo5 59M
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3/23/2006 3:02 pm

big fish eat small fish, business world have embition not emotions so any thing can be invented. Its not bad idea to have different options for fuel.

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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3/24/2006 1:57 pm

Hi outdoorsman...

Thanks for stopping by. Please come again.

Now I didn't know that diesel engines were designed to run on cooking oil...interesting. Just makes it more obvious that it's the big oil companies that have blocked the road to progress.

Hello myg...

Always good to see you...but...

HUH...I think I understood maybe half of what you just said. When it comes to cars...I know how to put in the gas..check the oil and add air to the tires. Beyond that...I'm lost.

As far as I'm concerned one of the benefits of having a man around is so he can keep my car running.

Hi pandoo...

So nice to see you again. Thanks for stopping by. Well the big fish oil companies...seem to in some ways outsmarted themselves. People are beginning to wake up to their duplicity...regarding their so called efforts to make better cars and improve the milage we get. I will definitely be looking to cut them loose with my next car.


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