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Can You Deal With This???

§ Someone told me the other day that if I didn't like what's going on in this country...I was free to leave. Hum...interesting that he should make such a comment to me. I have always believed that a democracy is a form of government where you have a responsibility to speak out when you see things that are wrong. It means that you don't just blindly accept the actions of those in government and never question their policies. Nor do you hide your head in the sand and pretend that everything is ok. I love my country...and have every right as well as responsility to speak out. The PEOPLE are the country...the government supposedly exists for us...not the other way around.

I warn you now...this next bit of information may make you very uncomfortable. This is more of what our government does in our name. I don't remember voting for you?


Don't just take my word for it...look it up for yourself!


Subject: US Sponsored plan to de-populate developing countries

The following is from an article by Gargantua 12/05/2003



The charge: millions sterilised
to meet U.S. political objectives


A U.S.-sponsored program that resulted in the sterilisation of nearly half of Brazil's women has prompted a formal congressional inquiry, sponsored by more than 165 legislators from every political party that is represented in the Brazilian legislature. The investigation was initiated after information about a secret U.S. National Security Council memorandum on American population control objectives in developing countries was published in the Jornal de Brasilia, Hova do Povo (Rio de Janeiro), Jornal do Brasil, and other major newspapers in early May.

That U.S. foreign policy document, officially known as National Security Study Memorandum 200 or NSSM 200, detailed a plan to target thirteen large de- veloping nations with intensive efforts to promote population "policies'' that would allow the U.S. to run massive birth control and sterilisation projects in those countries.

Brazil, the study said, was placed on the list of thirteen target nations because it "clearly dominates the continent [South America] demographically,'' and its population was projected to equal that of the United States by the turn of the century. This, said the report which was jointly prepared for the National Security Council (NSC) in 1974 by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Departments of State and Defence (DOD), and the Agency for International Development (USAID), suggests "a growing power status for Brazil in Latin America and on the world scene over the next 25 years.''

The NSC report listed twelve other nations whose growth could give them increased political influence, and which were also to be targeted under the international population program. Those are: Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico and Colombia.

The document, which is over 200 pages in length, was written after a proposed "world population plan of action'' was denounced by large numbers of African and Latin America nations, by the Vatican, and by the entire socialist bloc (with the exception of Romania), during a UN population conference held in Bucharest in 1974.

The formerly-classified strategy document was approved as an integral part of American foreign policy in 1975 by Brent Scowcroft, who served as then- President Gerald Ford's security advisor. He occupies the same office today under George Bush.

Reports about the document, as well as about the Brazilian inquiry, have since appeared in every part of Brazil and throughout Central and South America.

Brazil's Ministry of Health, which had begun an investigation into the sterilisation program even before the American population strategy documents were disclosed, has revealed that 44 percent of all Brazilian women between the ages of 14 and 55 have been permanently sterilised. The older women apparently had the operation done when the program started, nearly two decades ago. News reports charge that many of these women underwent the operation without their knowledge or consent.

Benedita da Silva of the Workers Party (PT), who represents the residents of impoverished sections of Rio de Janeiro known as favelas, will head the legislative investigation. According to some reports, as many as 90 percent of all Brazilian women of African descent have been sterilised. If true, this would nearly eliminate future generations of black people in Latin America's largest nation. Brazil's black population is reported to be second in size only to Nigeria's. At least half of Brazil's 154 million people are believed to be of African ancestry.

The sterilisation program in Brazil, like those just now beginning in dozens of African nations, started as a relatively small, "voluntary'' family planning campaign, which publicly stressed spacing children rather than reducing population growth. It quickly and quietly escalated, however, taking advantage of unfavorable economic conditions -- themselves largely imposed through the policies of the U.S. and other developed countries -- to press for limitations in family size.

The massive sterilisation activities were mainly orchestrated by BEMFAM, the Brazilian affiliate of the London-based International Planned Parenthood Federation, according to news reports.

Several private U.S. population contractors, operating with funds from the U.S. Agency for International Development, are also involved. These include the Pathfinder Fund, the Johns Hopkins University Population Communication Services project, Family Health International, the John Snow "Enterprise'' program, the Program for the Introduction and Adaptation of Contraceptive Technology (PIACT), and the Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraceptive. All have current activities both in Brazil and in numerous African nations. Some of the Brazilian programs funded through these groups are subcontracted to BEMFAM, while other
projects are run by the USAID contractors through paid contacts at Brazilian universities, family planning clinics, firms, and individuals.

In recent years, Brazilian officials have begun to raise objections to the level of population activities in their country. A large shipment of condoms from USAID was held up in customs for over a year and then seized by Brazilian agents as contraband, according to a report released in late 1989 by the Office of the Inspector General at USAID. The same report advised that Brazilian authorities had complained that the level of U.S. population assistance had become "overwhelming and unnecessary.''

Last summer, health officials began the investigation that showed the incredibly high sterilisation rate. That information coincided with the revelations about U.S. intentions to curb births in developing countries.

Aside from advocating a strategy to contain the political influence of large and rapidly growing developing countries, the document stressed the need to maintain orderly, pro-U.S. leadership in countries that supply "strategic and critical'' materials needed for normal U.S. military and industrial operations. The NSC report stated that the U.S. "will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interest in
the political, economic, and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States.''

It advised, too, that the relatively young populations characteristic of societies with high birthrates give momentum to because young people can more easily be persuaded to attack foreign investments and other influences seen as "imperialistic.''

The document also detailed a strategy for persuading leaders in the developing world to cooperate with the population program, urging that various agencies of the United Nations, the U.S. Information Agency, the World Bank, and USAID collaborate with other industrial country donors to influence leaders of targeted "LDCs'' [less-developed countries]. "We should give higher priorities in our information programs world-wide for this area [population control] and consider expansion of collaborative arrangements with multilateral institutions in population education programs,'' it said.

It warned, however, that there was a "danger that some LDC leaders will see developed country pressures for family planning as a form of economic or racial imperialism; this could well create a serious backlash.'' The U.S., it added, "can help to minimise charges of an imperialist motivation behind its support of population activities by repeatedly asserting that such support derives from a concern with (a) the right of the individual to determine freely and responsibly their number and spacing of children ... and (b) the fundamental social and economic development of poor countries.'' It also recommended that U.S. foreign service and diplomatic personnel "be alert to opportunities for expanding our assistance efforts and for demonstrating to their leaders the consequences of rapid population growth and the benefits of actions to reduce fertility.''

The secret document also noted that it is "vital" that officials avoid giving the impression of "an industrialised country policy to keep their strength down'' because this could "create a serious backlash adverse to the cause of population stability.''

The study also suggested that, where diplomatic initiatives fail to persuade leaders their populations should be reduced, "mandatory programs may be needed and ... we should be considering these possibilities now.'' Specific forms of coercion proposed in the study were limited to food rationing and "taking account of family planning performance'' in foreign assistance payments.


The document further advised that in countries where leaders had raised strong objections to population control plans -- specifically including Brazil, Nigeria, and Ethiopia -- population funds "would have to come from other donors and/or from private and international organisations,'' although these groups would receive contributions from USAID. In other words, at least in those countries, the U.S. planned to conceal its funding of such "private'' population activities.

Nations in Asia and Latin America took most of the pressure in the early 1970s, largely because African leaders were strongly opposed to population control. But by the early 1980s, the World Bank had revised its guidelines for funding consumable supplies, and began promoting population reduction projects as an integral part of development loans in Africa and as a condition for credit.

Today, most African nations have adopted formal policies that state birthrates are "too high." While such official statements do not necessarily translate into actions, they nonetheless open the door to further diplomatic maneuvers and pressure tactics by foreign governments and international lending agencies. Eventually, such pressure is intended to bring about the kind of coercive "family planning'' programs in Africa were enacted in India (and which are credited, at least in part, with the 1984 assassination of Indira Gandhi) and those now under investigation in Brazil.

Still, there are several African nations that have not yet even produced these formal policy statements... Mozambique, Somalia, Angola, Tchad, Congo, Gabon, Libya, Sudan, Namibia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinee, Mali, Mauritania and Togo among them. And in others, there are strict rules that make such statements unenforceable by Western governments and their private intermediaries; sterilisation, for example, is a criminal offense in Ethiopia, according to a study of national policies done by the UN several years ago.

The action of Brazil's legislature is an example of an effective response that comes too late. Already about 25 million Brazilian women have permanently, and, in many cases unwillingly, been deprived of the capacity to bear children.


Said Heraclio Salles, one of Brazil's most respected journalists and columnists: "They have given and are giving millions of women procedures that do not differ in their final objectives from those employed by the nazis under the Hitler regime to affect the removal of the Jewish population.


Think about it!!!


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3/15/2006 12:35 pm

hmmm.... in south africa, birth control of all kinds is viewed with suspicion as a western/northern import (and in the old days as a plot of the apartheid state). what i find so bizarre about these claims of over-population is that it is europe that is over-populated... that's why they colonised other parts of the world. the population density figures for africa are really low compared to western countries. that's why i definitely agree with you that population control is most often about a racist agenda... and it is often viewed that way here.

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KarezzaMagick 64M
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3/15/2006 8:29 pm

Kissmystuff wrote: ...if I didn't like what's going on in this country...I was free to leave.

Isn't that always how they are? The fact is, it's because of people like them that things have come to this. Did you respond thusly? "No, you leave, I want to do something about this!"

By the way, I wasn't suggesting (in the other post) that you stand in front and catch the bullets first (e.g. "lead"). I also didn't mean you should do all the work. But you certainly have a way of inspiring people and someone's got to do that.

So I still nominate you for HP

You have your facts straight, as well. Although...I don't think anyone ever has "all the information," what you have appears to be correct.

Be that as it may, the enemy hasn't changed in at least 500 years and "his" M.O. generally remains the same.

I wonder if you know about one August Spies (pronounced "spees"), who was hanged for alleged complicity in the Haymarket Square "anarchist" bombing, long ago.

KarrezaMagick begins counting backward, by "isms." Terrorism, Racism, Communism, Fascism, Anarchism, Seeseshism, Protestantism, Catharism, Catholicism, Gnosticism.... there's always someone demonized for the Five-Minute Hate, isn't there?

What! Haymarket Square? Old history you say? Tut tut. Check the "M.O." You'll be very surprised. In fact, you'll be amazed, based upon something quite similar that happened one September morn, not so long ago. And I'm not talking about some artist painting a skinny-dipping broad, either.

*whispering* Psssst.... may I guess your profession from the "interesting" little symbol at the beginning of your posts? *whisper-mode off*

Now about all these genocide and mass murder allegations you post...

I am not at all surprised at this. After all, long ago, "they" announced it's just what they intended to do. And they're doing it!

Yet people like your negative contact the other day don't believe it because those intentions were not published in some rag hanging on the stand at the grocery store check out counter. They didn't appear on the PM "News." Too bad, so sad (you snooze, you lose).

Well, of course "they" are doing it in the Third World. As you know, three (3) world wars were planned to bring "their" agenda to fruition. Unhappily, WWIII became conventionally impossible because nuclear weapons made it unsafe for "them." And so... the Third World War really does take place in countless bite-sized episodes in the Third World! A real "no-brainer," wouldn't you say, Mys?

The thing to remember is this: "they" are also doing it here at home, and not just to people of color. Again, you owe it to yourself to read the Autobiography of August Spies (try a Google search). This will give you a good idea why "they" don't want people like him running around, looking like "them."

Here's August's introductory paragraph:

"Barbarians, savages, illiterate, ignorant Anarchists from Central Europe, men who cannot comprehend the spirit of our free American institutions,"of these I am one.

My name is August Vincent Theodore Spies, (pronounced Spees). I was born within the ruins of the old robbers castle Landeck, upon a high mountain's peak (Landeckerberg), Central Germany, in 1855.

My father was a forester (a government administrator of a forest district); the forest house was a government building, and served-only in a different form-the same purposes the old castle had served several centuries before.

The noble Knight-hood of Highway robbery, the traces of which were still discernable to the remnants of the old castle, had passed away to make room for more genteel and less dangerous forms of plunder and robbery, as carried on in the modern dwelling under the present government.

But while the people from old custom designate this and similar old ruins in the vicinity as `old Robber Castles," they speak with great deference of the present government buildings, in which they themselves are daily and hourly fleeced; they would even, I believe, fight for the maintenance of these lawful institutions.

Or read about the "Highland Clearances" of Scotland, but I digress.

True enough, "they" don't want people of color hogging up their pristine planet either. I was reading a site today, called notmilk (with the usual three-letter commercial suffix). Low (pun intended) and behold, there are several articles documenting how 95 percent of African Americans are lactose intolerant.

Now pray tell, what do those of "them" running the social pograms insist upon feeding the little homeless and poverty stricken tykes? You got it. MILK!

In fact, as in many areas of life, there are even judas-goat "people of color" who lead the bandwagon for this.

You will probably surmise that "they" know all about this. FDR claimed that nothing happens in politics by accident. "They" know, and if "they" cared as much as "they" bleat they do, those children would not be receiving government subsidized dairy products. (Or vaccines!)

This dairy "food" is very bad news to those of us of European descent, but to the lacto-intolerant, it is even worse poison.

Hey, how about Oprah! She'd never sell us (you) out. Would she?

Guess again. The nasty NotMilk Man looked in her magazine. One monthly issue contained 12 full pages of milk-promoting ads, which at $67,275 per page, equals $807,300 per month, which yields roughly ten million dollars per year delivered to Sista Oprah from the Milk (genocide) Cartel. Lawdy! Question: Does Miz Winfrey drink Milk? I wonder.

Amazing, eh?

Lots of African American women have hysterectomies, don't they? I bet I don't need to tell you about this; I bet you have plenty of friends and relatives who have fallen victim to "America's Most Popular Medical Procedure." And I hope and pray (but not to "that" God) YOU are not one such statistic. There's an interesting website called HysterSisters (same three-letter suffix), which has online forums, the most interesting of which (to a male, anyhow) is the forum named, "Sexual Dysfunction After Hysterectomy." Of course, "their" favorite medical procedure won't just make you sterile (in a big time way), it will also make you miserable for the rest of your life.

I was so shocked and disgusted (not to mention saddened) when I found that forum that I've become sort of a hystersister groupie (or ghoul), reading that section every day. I will also confess that the woman friend I mentioned earlier, is one such victim. Her mother and some of her sisters have also had the operation. Oh well, sex isn't everything, is it? And neither is your thyroid gland!

Putting two and two twogether, milk=mucus=fibroids=visit to "your" doctor=hysterectomy. See! Two plus two really does equal five!

But enough bad news! The NotMilk Man's site links to an interesting website run by Dr. Akilah M. El. No kidding! Just cut "Dr Akilah" and paste it into Google and you can read her "personal story of empowerment and health."

Yep, she cured herself of cervical cancer, avoiding becoming a HysterSister in the process. Then she went on to become a Naturopathic doctor and opened two clinics in Georgia.

She also went from being obese, unhealthy, and ugly, to being slender, gorgeous, and having, in the words of the last Ob Gyn she saw, "one of the healthiest reproductive systems he had seen in all his years of practice."

She attributes the cancer to her diet, and she now encourages people to avoid dairy food. Apparently, she has healed many people of similar conditions.

Say, how come Big Medicine, Incorporated refuses to use the words, "heal" or "cure?"

WTF... Damn. How did I ramble from genocide to medicine!

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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3/16/2006 6:33 am


Good morning...hope your day is going well.
Let's hope that the folks keep their wary attitudes and resist. Any birth control they practice should be self imposed...without drugs or surgical proceedures. There are ancient methods of birth control which do not harm the body. They need only look back into their own histories.

There are plenty of natural resources there to care for the needs of the populations. In the past...colonialism drained those resources. Today..western governments and companies..still manipulate the economies..and hold these "developing" parts of the world hostage. Corrupt leaders..all too often placed in power and aided by western in the plundering of those resources which belong to the people.

I'm sure you know all I will spare you the litany.


Good to see you again.
The book you mentioned..I will make it a point to check out. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm always interested in learning new things.
Will also check out the websites you mention.

Although I love cheese and icecream..I don't eat them often..because they cause problems for me when I do. I'm one of those people who is lactose intolerant. I've done quite a bit of reading about dairy and the harmful effects in humans. Cows have four stomachs to digest that milk. It's natural for them..not for humans. Since I stopped eating dairy on a regular basis..there have been definite improvements in my health. For instance..I have fewer colds..sore throats..which used to plague me several times a year.

Several years ago..I read a book "Malignant Neglect"..can't remember who wrote it..but it's a study of the rise of cancer rates..and attributes it to the poisons in the environment and our food.

You're more than welcome to try to guess my profession..this should be interesting.

While I believe western medicine does have some benefits..the primary purpose seems to be to turn major illnesses into chronic conditions rather then cure them. That way the drug companies and the medical profession can continue to profit. If people are actually cured..then how would they continue to make money? The medical profession..hum..this is a prime example of miseducation in many respects. Doctors and nurses are given very little trainning in the area of proper diet and it's curative potential.

Well..since medicine is used as a tool for genocide..I can see how it entered into the discussion.


rm_emerald6912 48M
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3/16/2006 10:53 am

Sometimes, its hard to bear thinking.

Maybe the bomb WILL only bring us together, or as I heard on the radio the other day, if youve got the nuke THEY wont fuk with ya.

Hells bells, I need a

tnx for a compeling read.

interested13563 53M
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3/16/2006 4:15 pm

During the first decades of the 20th century the Eugenics
Institute in the US (headed by Mr. Davenport and sponsored
by people like Carnegie, Ford etc) sterilized thousands of
Americans in an effort to ellimited those they considered
"mentally feeble". Many of the victims, who were usually
sterilized unbeknownst to them, were simply poor (called
paupers). The perpertrators had legal support in many states
and exchanged "research" information with their equivalents
in nazi Germany (whom they preceded). The project was
based on the notion of "social darwinism", a grotesque
misinterpretation of Darwin's theory on evolution by
natural selection. Ultimately they wanted to create
a "pure" superior race of white people of northern
European origin. Luckily they failed.

KarezzaMagick 64M
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3/16/2006 7:23 pm

Kissmystuff wrote: You're more than welcome to try to guess my profession..this should be interesting.

Based upon your frequent use of the §, I guessed you are involved in the practice of "Law."

However, since you didn't take my hint about the "interesting little symbol beginning your posts," I realize I may be wrong

rm_gata11459 57F
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3/17/2006 3:29 am

Great post. It is frightening when you delve deep into the operations of any government, but I believe that the United States has been particularly devious and immoral in their practices, all the while trying to tell the rest of the world how to live their lives.. unfortunately due to the things that continue to come about, i am a citizen here, and have every right to be here and express my opinion of this place, but would rather declare myself a citizen of the world rather than labeling myself an American citizen.

Peace xxx K

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