Another Uncomfortable Topic...or Choosing Not to Hate  

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3/18/2006 7:51 pm

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Another Uncomfortable Topic...or Choosing Not to Hate

§Although of mixed ancestry..I prefer to identify myself as African American. I've had the opportunity to real history of Africa and Africans in the world.

The knife of racism hurts..not only those of us who do identify ourselves as people of color..but also those who hold such attitudes in their hearts. My point here is not to preach..but to make a point.

This post is prompted mainly by a discussion I had with a group of people the other day..mostly white..regarding racism. I told them it is ingrained in the very language of western culture. That it is a part of the very institutions of most of the countries of western civilization. The majority of them disagreed with me. I gave them an assignment. I pass that same assignment on to you.

Go pull out your dictionary. Look up the word black. Take careful note of the definitions given. Now..look up the word white. Again..take careful note of the definitions.

Now then..if you're caucasian..pretend that you're black. Pretend that you have a young child..and you have to explain those definitions to them..why they appear in that dictionary as they do. What would you tell them?

It's been about two weeks now since I had that discussion. It's always been my belief that the best way to deal with a problem is to discuss it. But this is a topic that makes people uncomfortable. I've not heard back from any of them. Quite frankly..I'll be surprised if I hear back from more than one or two of you.


playtime44uandi 53M
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3/18/2006 11:38 pm

Well I'll say this much. Beauty knows no race. I find beautifull ladies in all races. & there is good & bad in all races.
There are many things about our looks that can effect how we are treated.
I used to have long hair, I was drug tested every year for 5 years at work. The first year they didnt test me they busted a short haired guy on drugs. & yes I made mention of it to the Big boss.

Poeple really should look inside a person before the go to far with there judgements.

~We'll Leave The Light On~

Fox4aKnight1 43F

3/19/2006 12:46 am

Hey Kiss and hugs .....I will take this up with you. I have yet to look up the words but as I type this I am going to google it in another window ...

Here is what Dictonary said copy/pasted from there

black Pronunciation Key (blk)
adj. black·er, black·est

1. Being of the color black, producing or reflecting comparatively little light and having no predominant hue.
2. Having little or no light: a black, moonless night.
3. often Black
1. Of or belonging to a racial group having brown to black skin, especially one of African origin: the Black population of South Africa.
2. Of or belonging to an American ethnic group descended from African peoples having dark skin; African-American.
4. Very dark in color: rich black soil; black, wavy hair.
5. Soiled, as from soot; dirty: feet black from playing outdoors.
6. Evil; wicked: the pirates' black deeds.
7. Cheerless and depressing; gloomy: black thoughts.
8. Being or characterized by morbid or grimly satiric humor: a black comedy.
9. Marked by anger or sullenness: gave me a black look.
10. Attended with disaster; calamitous: a black day; the stock market crash on Black Friday.
11. Deserving of, indicating, or incurring censure or dishonor: “Man... has written one of his blackest records as a destroyer on the oceanic islands” (Rachel Carson).
12. Wearing clothing of the darkest visual hue: the black knight.
13. Served without milk or cream: black coffee.
14. Appearing to emanate from a source other than the actual point of origin. Used chiefly of intelligence operations: black propaganda; black radio transmissions.
15. Disclosed, for reasons of security, only to an extremely limited number of authorized persons; very highly classified: black programs in the Defense Department; the Pentagon's black budget.
16. Chiefly British. Boycotted as part of a labor union action.


1. The achromatic color value of minimum lightness or maximum darkness; the color of objects that absorb nearly all light of all visible wavelengths; one extreme of the neutral gray series, the opposite being white. Although strictly a response to zero stimulation of the retina, the perception of black appears to depend on contrast with surrounding color stimuli.
2. A pigment or dye having this color value.
2. Complete or almost complete absence of light; darkness.
3. Clothing of the darkest hue, especially such clothing worn for mourning.
4. often Black
1. A member of a racial group having brown to black skin, especially one of African origin.
2. An American descended from peoples of African origin having brown to black skin; an African American.
5. Something that is colored black.
6. Games.
1. The black-colored pieces, as in chess or checkers.
2. The player using these pieces.

white Pronunciation Key (hwt, wt)

1. The achromatic color of maximum lightness; the color of objects that reflect nearly all light of all visible wavelengths; the complement or antagonist of black, the other extreme of the neutral gray series. Although typically a response to maximum stimulation of the retina, the perception of white appears always to depend on contrast.
2. The white or nearly white part, as:
1. The albumen of an egg.
2. The white part of an eyeball.
3. A blank unprinted area, as of an advertisement.
3. One that is white or nearly white, as:
1. whites White trousers or a white outfit of a special nature: tennis whites.
2. whites The white dress uniform of the U.S. Navy or Coast Guard.
3. A white wine.
4. A white pigment.
5. A white breed, species, or variety of animal.
6. also White A member of a racial group of people having light skin coloration, especially one of European origin. See Usage Note at black.
7. Products of a white color, such as flour, salt, and sugar. Often used in the plural.
4. Games.
1. The white or light-colored pieces, as in chess.
2. The player using these pieces.
1. The outermost ring of an archery target.
2. A hit in this ring.
6. whites Pathology. Leukorrhea.
7. A politically ultraconservative or reactionary person.

I have to say I can see your point. Racial hate and or not even sure that is a word is something that is prevalient for about how many centuries?

Being Raceist is a fairly new term ....time wise speaking. I am actually not gonna get into much of a debate with you over this. However I am from the south and caucasian as well. I see alot of prejudice every day aginst african americans. I also see alot of it going the other way. It does hurt. Words can hurt. I am a memmber of a group that has been Prejudiced aginst for far longer ....hundreds of thousands of years....I think even further back that possibly the diffrent religious groups. I still encounter it today.


All of these are for things we don't understand and are afraid of. Too often we try to destroy what we don't understand or we come to hae to. And even then you can't educate someone who doesn't want to learn.

I took up this topic in a group....or something simalar was about prejudice, and just what that word meant to people without going to look in a dictonary.....almost 95% of them thought it meant having to do with skin color. Which was my point of bringing it up. I Found after being accused of being prejudice by a dang good looking black guy sorry if this term offends you that in the case he was citing ...which was my profile, that he was wrong in tht case. However...I am prejudice and that isn't wrong. I am prejudice aginst many of them being blonde haired blue eyed hunks, I think they are as a whole mostly concited.....and its a prejudice because I don't date them ....but that does not make me a bad person. The words we use and how we use them are very much so I think at the very root of the point of the matter. sorry if I am rambling

Anyhow is this sort of what you were looking for/at?

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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3/19/2006 7:04 am

i did not have to read the definitions to know just what you mean. duh. many people ( mostly white) have a tough time owning the truth. comfort is hard to give up. knowledge of truth calls for action. 'tis much easier being ignorant.

digdug41 49M

3/19/2006 8:34 am

hey kiss thats so on point I could kiss you hehehe people dont see the subliminal rascism that goes on and thats a great example I hope people see this and it gets them thinking

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

rm_saintlianna 45F
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3/19/2006 8:40 am

Wow, I never knew how many negative definitions of the word black existed. I honestly dont know how I would explain that to a child of any race. Good post.

mygmyg 59M

3/19/2006 11:19 am

KMS, In trying to explain this to a child, I would take each segment and make sure the child understood the general application of the def. and then point out the negative connotation as it applies to our race as a black person.
"The writers of these definitions in the dictionary wrote them with the intent to negatively portray any person that was of a color other than their own,white, as a lesser person. This documents, partially, how a racial mindset has been ingrained in all people, whether a person realizes this, this influences how we look at the world and each other."

The rest is history, the cradle of civilization, first languages, religions, writing, reading, education systems, recording history, early medicinal practices, food preservation, clothing(not hides), monetary system, accounting systems, agiculture, metallurgy, the FACT list goes on.... ALL ARE FROM OUR BLACK ANCESTORS AND CULTURE!!!

KMS, what a post!!!

Cowboy_Deluxe 38M

3/19/2006 12:49 pm

We all bleed the same, that is what I would tell my kid, if I had one.


KarezzaMagick 64M
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3/19/2006 1:26 pm

To the Delightful Ms. Kissmystuff...

Firstly, please don't take my words as in any way disrespectful.

I won't look up the words now, as I read about this years ago in a book titled, From the Dead Level, about Malcolm X.

Light and Darkness...

Black and White...

Sun and Moon...

Good and Bad?

People tend to anthropomorphize things. That's inherently unintelligent.

Nevertheless, the night tends to frighten or turn people off more than the day, and so on.

I don't know that when these words and concepts were first used, there was much interaction between various races. It would be interesting to see if all groups hold the same concepts.

I'm aware of all the typical cop outs, so I won't make any.

I do notice the fact that most people prefer "their own" ethnic and social-economic own groups.

The Chinese, for example, are the most bigoted and racist group on earth, and also the largest. Of course, not all Chinese are like that, but a determining number are.

In modern "free" America, I live with the reality that I could be kicked off this website or fired for even mentioning that. What do you think?

I work with many African Americans and I notice that many tend to associate with one another and shun the caucasians amongst them. But the more intelligent and interesting of them are not like that.

"Whites" are mostly so brainwashed by the boob tube that whatever they feel deep down, they will never talk about it or admit it to themselves.

Furthermore, modern American caucasians have been trained to be that way by..... by who? And more importantly, why? For what purpose?

I've met caucasians who would despise me if I told them I admired your writing... and who might even threaten to kill me if I told them I found you beautiful and desirable.

Personally, I don't know who should be more scolded, the former or the latter of the two above mentioned groups.

I'll admit to sometimes being overly wary of people of color, but I also work, drive through, and live in neighborhoods where they predominate.

I notice there are a lot of bars on the windows and doors there, and some very nasty dogs chained up by the garages.

I also notice many of the inhabitants move far away as soon as opportunity presents itself.

Are these people of color, then, "bigoted racists?" (!)

I also noticed that Malcom X , for all I liked him, had a vocuabulary filled with instances of the so-called "n-word," often preceeded by a color such as "black," "red," or "yellow."

One "white" girl who read that book with me commented that "X" was the biggest racist of all!

What I admire about Malcom X is that at least three times during his life, he made abrupt and wide changes in his behavior and outlook, based upon some new truth he had discovered.

In the end, he willingly gave his life for refusing to keep silent about the latest Truth he had discovered.

I am sure that had he lived, he'd have made at least two or three more discoveries, each followed by similarly extreme changes in belief and behavior.

Far cry, "X," from the typical "bought and paid for" (by whom?) establishment race-huckster

Something else to consider is the fact that, as Fox4aKnight1 mentioned, "Racism" is a fairly new word.

I've heard tell the marxists coined that word, to create trouble and to aid in their overthrow of "Western Civilization."

If that's true, as examination of pre-1930s dictionaries seems to bear out, please be advised, that the True White Culture... that of Original Northern Europe, had little or nothing to to with what is currently (and laughlingly) called "Western Culture."

Our ancient people respected Women and encouraged and heeded their consul. Racism (allegedly) did not exist, not only because the word was probably only coined by 1930s marxists, but also because the world was a less crowded, far wider place in the distant past. And Darwin had not yet raised his precocious little head

But don't imagine various tribes and ethnic groups failed to murder each other as soon as they encountered one another during migrations and attempted takeovers of worthwhile territory.

The Real Northern Europeans also lacked many of the "new and improved" mental illnesses and behaviors that took root (forcibly transplanted) with the advant of a certain Roman belief system that had been co-opted and re-concocted in order to enslave the world, after the feisty Germananic tribes under Herman kicked Roman butt and left Roman arms, legs, and heads hanging from the tree branches all around the area of Teutoberg Forest.

As a bi-racial Lady, you most probably descend from Germanic Folk, and also from Celts (not much difference, according to one lady Professor named Davidson.

Maybe it's those very genes "peeping" through that cause me to admire you.

Although you may not stress it, those people are your ancestors and they do influence you at a cellular level (mysterious as that may sound!)

Again... People tend to anthropomorphize things though. That's inherently unintelligent.

Finally... I have been around for many years and I have noticed that the more intelligent and adventurous people of the various races and ethnicities tend to form bonds of friendship and marriage with people of other groups.

Is that a good thing, or is it bad? Obviously, it all depends! One thing for sure: it certainly tends to make life interesting.

That's what I would tell a child.

SexJuggernaut71 45M
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3/19/2006 4:18 pm

Hey KMS,

Very nice topics here. I always enjoy some real stimulating intellectual discussion, especially controversial, political, religious, racial, etc.

Unfortunately, intelligence is not a common trait in this world. People have the tendency to label and/or take things literally too often which tends to breed ignornce. Most people are also too gullable and believe everything they hear. When left too long without proper correction, sections of society form that breed this ignorance, teach it to their children and create endless sources for sheer stupidity. Some of it is from fear of the unknown, but most of it i've found is just plain old stupidity, ignorance and of course stubbornness to believe anything other than what the people around them feed into their minds.

So back to your original question, what i would tell a child of either race would be the same as i told my own:

Never accept anything. Never label people. Always question what you hear before you believe it. Everyone is capable of being good as well as bad - you must judge for yourself, but you cannot take anyone's word for it. Use your mind for its primary purpose - analyzing the world around you and always make your OWN judgements based on your own research. Look at both sides of an argument. Question authority. Always keep an open mind.

This is the creed i live by as well as my children. Many of my friends think the same way and those that don't know that they can at least express their feelings without fear of judgement by me because they learned that behavior somewhere and i help them understand their feelings and search for the truth.

There have been many people who strived to communicate this over time from Malcolm X to Dr. King but unfortunately there were so many racial undertones at the time that the majority of people found it hard to accept. As time goes on hopefully people will shun this attitude and think for themselves. Maybe it will happen within our lifetimes, maybe not. All we can do is live the best we can and promote the truth and hope that others will learn from it.

rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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3/19/2006 6:59 pm

First of all..I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming and commenting on this post. I guess..there are more brave souls than I gave credit for. I feel very good about that!

However..there are some specific points I want to address in Karezza's comments.

Yes..I agree. Most people do tend to congregate with those groups of people they are most familiar with. But let me ask you. Is this group of African Americans you refer to at work "shunning" whites or is it that people of both groups have made no effort to reach out to the other?

Now then..I'm going to refer you to a topic scared to post this ... been on my mind for many months.... on FreeLove's blog and my response to that topic. The item that deals particularly with the study done regarding overcrowding..relates to your comment about people moving away from their communities when opportunity presents itself.

Keep in mind..that it is not unusual when anyone..of any race..finds themselves in a higher income bracket..they choose to upgrade to better housing. That better housing is not usually found in the neighborhoods you describe. There are..however..predominately middle and upper middleclass black neighborhoods that exist in many cities of this country. Why would most people choose to stay in a neighborhood where many houses are boarded up..crime often goes unchecked..and those sworn to "protect and serve" often do very little to fulfill their pledge.

How often do you hear of crime committed in predominately white which the people living there..are lumped in with these criminals..simply because they are of the same race and live in the same community? The vast majority of people living in any neighborhood..are law abiding citizens who simply what to live in peace.

Let me also remind you of various instances where blacks have been attacked by whites..with baseball bats or shot..simply because they dared to show their faces in white neighborhoods. The fear works both ways.

Regarding the Chinese..In the past honest historians and researchers have told us that China has populations mixed with African blood. In the beginning of it's history there was a Black Empire in the southern portion of that vast country.. In fact..there have been Chinese Emperors of African blood. As always..I say..don't take my word for it..look it up for yourself.In recent years..testing of DNA samples of the population have shown this to be true. Rather interesting..that such a large part of the world's population should be so ignorant of it's own background and ancestry. But let's look at it this least the Chinese are equal opportunity bigots.LOL.

Regarding Malcolm X..It's quite different for someone who's black to use the word nigger than it is for a white person. There's usually a different set up reasons behind it's use..a different set of experiences and a commonly shared background..when it's black to black. Personally however..I feel it's a word that it's best not to use..because of the historical intent to degrade those it's used against. By the way..the ancient Egyptians..used to refer to the small number of whites who began to appear in that part of the world as devils and would round them up periodically and burn them. At that time they were considered savages. I've sometimes wondered if this is where Malcolm got that reference from.

The advent of racism...was brought to us courtesy of the British. They invented it as a means of singling out and discriminating against the conquered Welsh population. While the word itself may not have been coined until later..that's where the concept came from.

I agree..the peoples of Europe did honor and respect women.
Where ever the worship of the goddess is found..those cultures were usually matriarchal or had strong elements of such societies.

In terms of my grandmother was of mixed heritage..African..mixed with European..and half Native Amercican..Cherokee..from Oklahoma. She married a Scott-Irish immigrant..who was a farmer. I do realize that all elements of my ancestry combine to make me who I am. But I find it more fulfilling to recognize and proclaim the African and Native American elements more readily...and that is what is most obvious in my brown skin. Doesn't mean I disrepect or resent the European part of my ancestry.



rm_Kissmystuff 61F
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3/19/2006 7:36 pm

By the way...these definitions...which appear in the Random House College Dictionary...are some of those missing from the ones Fox4aKnight1 posted:


- involved or developed in darkness
- gloomy..pessimistic, or dismal
- boding ill, sullen or hostile
- harmful; inexcusable
- without any moral light or goodness
- evil or wicked
- marked by ruin or desolation
- indicating censure, disgrace
- sinful


- honest, decent
- auspicious or fortunate
- morally pure or innocent
- without malice; harmless
- the quality or state of being white


KarezzaMagick 64M
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3/19/2006 9:05 pm


Scotch-Irish, eh? No wonder you're so feisty!

You're right about the neighborhood issue. I concede.

On the "shunning or reaching out" question, those I spoke of are shunning, or perhaps "exercising the right of free association" would be a nicer way to put it.

As for the British starting racism by practicing it upon the Welsh, they certainly did that to the Welsh (or Kymry), who had possessed the entire British Isles until invaded by Rome.

However, Racism was practiced (if not invented) far earlier, and you can read about it in the hateful Book of Joshua. Quite a frightening tale!

As for a Black Empire in Sourhern China, I would like to learn more about that. As we know, there were Celtic-type people known as Tokarians, who left mummified remains in the area of China below Tibet. The world was not such a huge place even then and people got around much more than the "Historians" give them credit for. For example.

On Malcolm X's vocabulary, the point my friend made is that he was far more color-conscious than she was. This is backed up by tales I have been told by lighter African Americans or people of color who receive atrocious treatment from darker ones. There is a great website called "myshoes" with posts from many of mixed race, many who have written of experiencing the same thing. Of course, a good case could be made that the caucasion faction simply lumps all and sundry into a "black" category.

I don't mean to argue with you about any of the above.

I will also be honored if you will comment upon my current post, titled Hystory or Mystory (History or Mystery); I think this link will lead to the page Hystory or Mystory: how You can take over the world! . This piece will be posted in three installments, being quite long. I edited it like mad, but could not make it any shorter What say, Mys ?

RobesCrenaAmish 63M
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3/20/2006 2:49 am

Colour is only in the eye of the beholder. Close your eyes and you see blackness. Now look beyond that blackness and you see a great depth of unknown.
Open your eyes and look into a lighted light bulb and you are blinded by the immediate brightness, it is virtually impossible to see beyond the brightness to the inner unknown territory that exists.
Perhaps a way to understand racism is to go into a darkened room full of black and white people blindfolded and partake in a discussion with each other. No doubt some of us will be identified by our accents or pronunciations of words but it would be the defining moment of truth when the blindfolds are removed. For that is when the light will shine and you will see the surprise in the eyes of those who have made the assumption of the colour of the person they have been communicating with is perhaps incorrect. p

Fox4aKnight1 43F

3/20/2006 6:21 am

Thanks Kiss I don't own a paper dictonary LOL

and if you are curious about the group I was discussing at the time even though it is a little off topic, the group is people who or are Mentally Ill. But I do heartily agree that "race" is simply a new classification of the "crime" of not being "like the rest". But understanding sometimes helps alleviate the fear and so on. However there is a saying that comes into effect here. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink and this is so apt. in reguards to this problem. Another saying is that we are our own worst enimies I see this as apt. as well.

Fox4aKnight1 43F

3/20/2006 6:37 am

opss I just noticed something asked if I had to explain those two defintions to a child. And presumbably I was a black person ......hmmmm I am going to use your definitions that you pulled out of the other dictionary.

I would have to base it on a religious standpoint as that is how I see it and on technical color defintions. Considering that that is where most of these definitions came from assuming my religious background had not been changed with my color. And that was the lord is light, and white is an aspect of all color so to speak. Black is called evil because it is a lack of light. and so on ad nausem. But then I would try to teach children to be and learn better than me because I would want my children to have and learn better than me.

The greatest moment a teacher has is when the student surpasses the teacher[/sixe] at least that is my own personal feelings on the matter.


blueguy1051 60M

3/20/2006 11:18 am

The way we think mirrors the language that we think in. "Black-hearted". The connotations are indesputable. You're right in that racism is built into our language, our heritage, and our culture. An Africa-American with American English as a first language is raised with this, acculturated with this.

So, how do we over come it?

rm_Lance_Elliot 47M

3/20/2006 11:35 am

I have met thousands of people of all races and nationalities in my work. So many, in fact, that I don't apply prejudice. The racism factor is so strong here in the United States because its perpetuated. But prejudice and hate is not limited to color. There are countries divided because of religion, genocide is still a common practice in many parts of the world. There are regional conflicts within borders. I'm not underestimating your argument here, but broadening the issue. Talking about it, bringing it out into the open is the only way to make it disappear. However, there are always two sides to a coin, as there to an argument as well. Being White, I've been immediately judged as being prejudiced against the Black race on a number of occasions, by Black men, without ever having opened my mouth. And I am one who embraces everyone else on a daily basis. Being embraced in return is the reward in itself. You can hope to change someone's views by approaching the topic, but don't become disheartened if others resist the ideas you introduce. Let those people go as easily as they come, and embrace those that do want to dissolve those boundaries. And here is a thought for you to ponder, while Gray is the goal, Black and White balance serve to balance eachother.
My Blessings To You!!


rm_goddess1946 106F
13518 posts
3/20/2006 12:05 pm

The soul has no color....
I've never understood racist thinking.
It's that simple to me...
I see us as all one in many ways. For real.

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

NSAAddict 42F

3/20/2006 8:24 pm

KissMyStuff: This was an excellent post for so many reasons. For as far as the world has come on the issue of race, it still has light years to go before we are all truly freed of racism, not sure it will ever happen, but I do believe it gets a little better with each generation. May I add a challenge to your post? There is an online test called the implicit association test, you can find it on understanding prejudice (one word) dot org. It shows you a series of pictures and asks you to assign labels to them, your performance determines your level of positivity or negativity towards a race. Being a person of color, I wasn't surprised by my results (though I did breathe a sigh of relief nonetheless), but I was shocked when I took their gender test to find that I believed in the sterotypes of male/female bias. I'm a feminist for Pete's sake! Anyway it goes to show how culture, media and society can and does screw with your head. Hope others find it as enlightening as I did. Thanks again for boldly adressing such a sensitive but important issue in your blog!

interested13563 53M
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3/21/2006 4:00 pm

Kiss, of course, you are right. Racism and other forms
of bigotry are permeating western white culture and
language. The effect is very pronounced in North America
but Europe (and in fact many parts of Asia) are not
immnune to it.

beemer002 58M

3/22/2006 1:10 pm

I read this interesting Blog of own thinking is thus...and I have been called racist even though I am not...I am not black / colored / or negro....I was not responsible for slavery way back when, nor ever will be...I do not live in Africa and am just a middle income when and how are all of the Americans / white people responsible for the problems in the world??? I have been around the world in various places via my military experience and have seen first hand how difficult things are overseas in places....should I give my all to try and make a difference to people that end up hating me anyway...I think not

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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3/24/2006 4:53 am

discrimination is indeed deeply engrained in the dominant culture of this world -- the "western" culture -- that is why when my husband tells the police to attend to a or etc in the nearby township, the cops go straight away, but our black woman friend has to phone them repeatedly for hours before they will attend to the same matter... therefore, if something like that is going down in that township, people phone my husband and get him to phone the cops! it's the same with things like the ambulance service, burst pipes, street lighting problems, etc etc -- and this is even tho in post-apartheid south africa, many of the government service providers you speak to on the phone are not white!

[blog freelove999]

8328 posts
3/25/2006 6:58 am

Your post reminds me of the discovery that Malcolm X made on his journey to enlightenment as a Muslim.

I think minorities as a whole internalize so much that is reflected back on them, because this is a white world in terms of power and population. We take things more personally, rightly or wrongly.

I think blacks are stigmatized the most of all the minorities, but not by much. Out here in Phoenix, Latinos are treated like the blacks were in the South. Sound harsh? I've lived here 15 years and this place is as backwards and behind the times as parts of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

I think race is a huge issue in America. When I lived in Germany, it was not a factor at all. If anything, minorities are embraced in Europe. You are right though, the race issue is the pink elephant in the room. Nobody wants to talk about it, discuss it. Everyone would rather be PC, and keep to their own personal beliefs, whatever those may be.


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

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