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Your body knows more about menopause than your doctor does!

Susan Weed..the author of "Menopausal Years - The Wise Woman Way" spent 3 years talking with more than 10,000 women about their menopause. She found that their experiences were far different than most published accounts.

She discovered that..

1. Many women began noticing menopause related changes as early as their late 30's or earlier.

2. More than half of the women interviewed experienced stronger orgasms after menopause.

3. Most post menopausal women easily increased bone mass through diet and excercise rather than drugs.

This book brings together all dimensions of the change from quick fixes for hot flashes to safe.. natural ways to keep your mind calm..your heart healthy and your bones strong.

A woman knows her body best. This book offers natural and effective alternatives to the male dominated, often invasive and synthetic methods of the medical profession in dealing with menopause.

If you're a woman..20 to 90 years old..this is a book you should have and use. It's a part of my permanent library.

"Menopausal Years - The Wise Woman Way" by Susan S. Weed...published by Ash Tree Publishing

I celebrate the fact that I no longer have monthly periods. I feel a freedom with that fact. And I'm very happy to report..



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4/24/2006 8:33 am

Now I may actually look forward to menopause! Bring it on, I am all for a better orgasm! I never had heard that before, very interesting.

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4/24/2006 7:38 pm

Hi danelion...

Want to say thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog. I've seen that you've been kind enough to comment on other postings here as well.

That's funny. I never really looked forward to it...but once in it..and I went through it...suffered through it...a few years...I was lucky enough to come across some liturature that lead me to some helpful...natural easement of the symtoms.

I even had a dinner party to celebrate when I was finally finished with it all...the monthly periods..that is. And yes...I have the reward of more intense orgasms. If you get a chance...check out that book.


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