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12/27/2005 8:35 pm

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I feel you...how can I not?
My breast rises ands falls with the beating of your breath
My body tingles with the warmth of your desire
The smile in my eyes is one of knowing.
A woman knows when she is the object of his gaze.

Your thoughts have made me beautiful.
I preen as their flowing colors bathe me.
Your whole body is my lightening rod...
drawing my life's spark towwards itself.
I will wait for your courage to come forth to claim me.
I know the he within you relishes the chase.

I feel you...how can I not
Your mind attracts me.
Its complexities intrigue
My mind gives thanks that you see its value
For I am a diamond of very rare cut.

At night...I've sensed you...
stealing gently into my realm.
We have danced upon the clouds.
We have been flown among the stars.
Your velvet touch has left me...
weak...wanting...knowing there is so much more
the vision of completeness..
just a step beyond the door.

I feel you...how can I not?
I recognized you to be the one...
to hold my heart and fold within my mind.
We have come this way many times...
in lives beyond our present.
And yes...nothing can compete
when two hearts and minds meet.
And when your soul remembers...
and you recognize me....
it is then that you and I ...
shall both be set free.

© copyright 3/05 jfc


mnowl 62M

12/28/2005 6:33 am

The chase I do relish,
that cannot be denied.
But with us the chase will never end
as with romance it cannot…
will not be allowed to perish to fade
as I hold you with my unbridled desire.
And I do steal every moment,
every touch, every dance, I can.

I ache for you,
that cannot be denied.
Seeing you... touching you… in my minds eye
I can feel our hearts beat as one
in unison, pushing, pulsating desire through our bodies
that makes us complete, our breath short, shallow,
begging for that wholeness
that makes us one.

You know me,
That cannot be denied.
From the physical yearning
so strong, so luscious, so thrilling…
to the emotional growing in each letter
each syllable we write…
to the mind where we meet, have met
and will exist forever.

We are part of each other now,
that cannot be denied.
For to deny it would be to deny that we exist
in this plane, in this life or any other.
No matter what the future holds
I am changed, we are changed for
being one with another adds to each
and we will grow closer with time
with realization of what can be.

So much to say, to do, to feel…
We cannot be denied.

Help me find the courage.

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