A Message to the Women Out There...  

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11/21/2005 8:21 pm

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A Message to the Women Out There...

I've been a maiden, a mother and am now in the 3rd stage of my life. A woman is like a fine wine-she gets better. We should enjoy all phases of our womanhood. I've learned that sensuality is taking pleasure in knowing and loving yourself, body, mind and spirit.

The original diety was female. Different cultures had different names for her. She was a loving mother...that nurtured her children...but she could also be fierce...bringing havoc and destruction. I'm about regaining my power as woman and encouraging other women to do the same. Don't misunderstand..I'm not about men bashing..I love men..they are the counter balance to a woman's femininity and vise versa. Without both male and female...there can be no creation.

Esoteric teachings tell us that female and male are like two megnetic poles. The female is the negative pole. She draws in...attracts the energy and stores it until needed. When needed...she releases and directs it. I'm sure you've heard the saying..."behind every successful man...there is a woman". Think about it. The male is the positive pole...he provides the action...the doing. Yes...this over simplifies it here. Men and women contain both energies. But obviously if you're one or the other...you will contain more of that specific energy.

I've rejected the sterotype promoted by the Maddison Avenue ad executives and the Wall Street money changers..pushing THEIR ideal of what female beauty should be. All women have their own beauty...it comes in all shapes...sizes...ages and shades of color.
As women, we need to love and respect ourselves and each other and recognize our unique energies and power. When this happens all people will benefit.


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