A Brief Remembrance...Coretta Scott King  

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1/31/2006 2:38 pm

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A Brief Remembrance...Coretta Scott King

ยงThere are those times when individuals who come amongst us, belong to the universe...rather than to a single family or community. Both Coretta Scott King and her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were two such people. They were beacons of light at a time in history when their missions in life were essential to the masses. They were the conscious of a nation...and a world. Their beliefs and their actions...sparked response from the individual and many of the institutions of our country. For a time...it brought forth an image of the true worth and high potential of all human beings. It is up to us now to carry forth that light.



2/2/2006 9:58 pm

Hey kissmystuff,

I saw this and then went to my own blog to give you a reference and right there was your comment that I had not yet even read or replied to yet.

Here's this Coretta Scott King. Even though you have been there and seen it.

Yes Coretta was quite the force to go right along, hand in hand with her husband. I always saw her as a quite a strong figure of her own but only recently have I begun to see how truly broad and powerful the scope of her influence has really been. And it was/is immense.

There was this power trio which was my mom's most significant and closest friends from college that was my mom, Coretta Scott King and Mari Yoriko Sabusawa. Mari later became the first wife of author James Michener and my mom always seemed to have one of his gigantic novels nearby her somewhere.

Here's are some snippets I took from item 28 in Lisztomania

My mom's brush with greatness were that one of her college roomies was Coretta Scott King (wife of Martin Luther King) and we used to get Christmas cards from the King family when I was a kid.

Coretta did visit once and my mom rode around with her in her "pope mobile" She said the windows on that limo were about 6 inches thick of solid plexiglass.

Her other roommie and good pal was the wife of Author James Michener. I forget her name though. Mary Maybe. An oriental babe.

Once while still in college (Antioch) she took Mary and Coretta back home to visit her very whitebread small town in WI. I don't think most of the people of that town at that point had ever seen a bonafide 'negro' or 'oriental' person in the flesh before.
Anyway, sorry being slow on the draw with replying to the comments you've left in my blog.

Tonight is the first time I've seen yours but so far it's looking pretty interesting.


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2/2/2006 10:35 pm

Hi KC...

I'm glad you made it to my blog. No need to apologize...I've looked at the number of blogs they list on this site.

The things you remember and share in your blog and here in your comment..are precious gems.

Please come again. You're welcome anytime.

Kiss ♀


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2/7/2006 12:32 pm

Today is Tuesday 2/7/06

Mrs. King's funeral was held today. I listened on National Public Radio to the speeches being given. Former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George Bush...as well as the current president George W. were among the speakers. I have to wonder...all this lip service...given to the greatness and the ideals of Mrs. King and her husband Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. How will that transfer into action? Will it?



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