Is 6 naked bodies in my bed a orgie or just a fun sleep over?  

rm_Kismenot 49F
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7/8/2005 5:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is 6 naked bodies in my bed a orgie or just a fun sleep over?

Well what can I seems anything I put together at the last moment turns out to be the most wildest of times like this night. I was in a state of helpless and feeling very lonely. See I am really trying to focus on my buisiness yet it takes money to make it. And no employer seems to be interested in a dedicated honest loyal full of energy kinda gal like me. So no job and moving (no location Arizona or back to Illinois for a spell) Just wanted to go back to my home town with my goals in order not with my life a wreck....So anyways, I get a phone call from my partner in crime David we met by this site and in person at the meet and greet at Dos Gringos couple of weeks ago. He is the and I mean the most talented photographer I have ever met. He can make the most insecure clam of a person come out of that damn shell and say "I'm freakin sexy and everyone should know it" He believe's in my vision and in me. We think the same only I think it and he takes pic's of it. Well what the hell we had a photo shoot that I didn't follow through due to my situtation. But he still came over willing and ready for anything. So made a couple of to a couple who are like family and another to a very nice, sexy and down to earth couple I met at Dos Gringos too (with David) Well let the pictures begin WOW!!! We all just started talking and than shooting my ideas. With David's comfortable and open minded way that he is we were all naked within an hour or two. As I brained stormed and went through my closest like a mad man on a mission David took care of the rest. We shot some of the most sexy and sensous scenes that would make Larry Flint proud. The couples were open and willing to be part of my dreams and ideas while David made it all come true. At one point we were all caressing each other's naked bodies while he snaped his shot's. I was too busy making changing the scenery to join in on the sexual shots. But it was a night to remember than to top it off...we got on AdultFriendFinder webcam and within 10 minutes or so had over 500 to 600 viewers. And for those who happenend to have viewed our little couch of naked bodies my little dog was licking his paws on my lap (that's it)heheheheheh It was so funny my loyal and best friend stimpy (my dog of 12 years) was a pisser all night. Boy was he jealous so up on the lap he goes and starts a licking his paws right next to my heated zone. I will say that it was hot n heavy but not hardcore. We all are new and excitied to explore yet took it slow and easy. It is a night I will never forget and niether will anyone else. What's the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" You be the judge of that Cheers to those who came and would cum again to one of my last minute get togethers. And I am all so thankful to David for bringing my ideas and creativity to life and making me feel good about myself during such troubles times I am going through. Pssst I did something for the first time and it was....enlighiting. Wonder what? heheheheh

noswim 52M

7/8/2005 3:59 pm

Sounds like a blast! Hope things are going well for you, I hear you can use it. Karma can be slow, but when the good kicks in---look out. What a ride!!!!

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