~~~We couldn't wait~~~  

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7/1/2006 5:43 am

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~~~We couldn't wait~~~

I see alot in a photo, more then most actually and well their ability to write creatively gives us all a look into their inner souls if your heart is open to the honest truth in what you see in them. So before i head out for the weekend, I must say I fantasize about making love to mm0206. Its obvious to me just to fuck her wont be enough as i must connect with her at the deepest levels of orgasmic pleasure. Let my fantasy writing begin.

Arriving at mm0206 house to pick her up i ring the door bell.. As the door opens their she stands in a jaw dropping sun dress. I pull her into me tightly with my hands gripping her ass giving her a deeply passionate kiss. I told her i was taking her somewhere but, not where so i decided now i would tell her. *M* we are flying to Bermuda for the weekend. We arrived at the airport and headed for our departure gate. Shortly thereafter we are in the air on our way to Bermuda. I promised her a weekend of lovemaking and i could feel her desire for me burn through me. During the flight she tormented me with how she rubbed my cock through my pants.

Being the loving person she is she didn't want me to suffer any longer so she suggested we both go to the restroom of the plane. She wanted my hard cock in her mouth so i leaned back against the wall as no sooner then my pants were down she was sucking feverishly like there was no tomorrow.. I was rock hard and said to myself " I'm not leaving this tight space without mm0206 pussy juices all over my cock.

As much as i wanted to romance her their was no time as in a short time the flight stewardesses would wonder where the hell we were and well this bathroom couldn't be tied up too long. I asked mm0206 to turn around after i kissed her deeply. Lifting her sun dress i saw she had no panties on and i pulled the dress up around her neck and well as she wore it as a necklace she was bra less also. Reaching around i could feel her hot wetness. In fact she was so wet the juices were dripping down her inner thighs.

Leaning forward kissing her neck i grabbed my fat hard cock with my other hand and her pussy welcomely engulfed me. Reaching around so i could play with her nipples and clit i slid slowly all the way in and all the way out. mm0206 though enjoying my little tease said " Kirk don't tease me fuck me god damn it! .. Hearing those words sent me over the edge. Placing both hands on her hips i thrust as hard and deeply as i could into her. Only then did she begin to moan and groan at the pleasure of pain and fullness as i slammed my manhood into her In and out , In and out her pussy stretched and contracted with every thrust. As i looked in the sink mirror mm0206 was looking at me. A glaze over her eyes seeming somewhat distant lost in the pleasure of my cock.

All of a sudden as i was fucking my lover i seen her eyes roll back in her head and her body started trembling which made me fuck harder and faster she exploded as did i at what seemed the exact same moment.. Her juices and my cum made quite a mess as she thrust into me... mm0206 turned around and i kissed her lovingly. I asked her if she wanted some tissue paper to clean up our juices but instead rubbed between her legs and spread our juices over her breasts and stomach. She told me she loved my/our smell on her.. Pulling her dress back down we made our way to our seats..

The flight attendants not mentioning a word gave us a grin. Looking at mm0206 i said " Maybe we were louder then we thought".. I never expected to not be able to wait till we got to our destination and i don't think neither did mm0206 but our passion for one another consumed us and we gave into it.

Ok thats my blog for the weekend as i will be leaving town for a few days.. I hope you enjoyed it mm0206 as this just so happens to be a two part fantasy writing . Will you be waiting for my arrival home *evil grin*.

Have a great 4th all.

mm0206 69F
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7/1/2006 7:03 am


that was totally unexpected... and hot....!!!!!!!

I love your mind too Kirk...sigh...

mm0206 69F
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7/1/2006 7:05 am

yes I will be waiting Sir.....

enjoy your trip and stay safe...

have a sparkly 4th!!


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