~We Are What We Eat~  

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4/28/2006 7:38 am

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~We Are What We Eat~

No I'm not a pussy but but i like to eat a good snatch as often as I'm allowed, but its not the point of this post. If we eat unhealthy eventually it takes a toll on our bodies does it not? The same goes for if we see unhealthy things well then that too isn't good for us now is it? The world as we know it is flooded with pollution be it the foods we consume or the stories we watch on the news as well as some worthless movies that are successful only because of body counts.

I'm horrible about being on a good diet even knowing with a personal choice i could eat healthier. I honestly believe i eat somewhat better these days because i do always check the labels. I do try to buy things with as little trash as i can find in a product and ideally maybe even organic which is hard to come by in most parts. I honestly believe the television as well as the internet and so forth to be a huge source of pollution to not only us but to the children agree?

Just watch the news for a hour a day and its certain doom is on its way. I'm only 44 years old but as a child i don't remember kids being violent at any level. Sure we had some duels or fist fights in the church yard across the street after school but those were just jockey for position squabbles or king of the hill if you will. You either lost or you won and well end of story .

When i was a kid i didn't have time for TV as i was involved in sports and other forms of entertainment to include chasing girls of course. Hell one of the sole missions on a weekend was to get away from home as often as you could. My point in all this is we weren't glued behind TV or a computer or game console. We didn't sit on our asses more then we stood up during the day. You know i plan to walk for 30 min a day yet i just cant find time for some reason lol .. Know what I'm talking about? I have 3 hours to sit on my ass but i cant spare 30 minutes for exercise? Yeah its sad lol.

So at what time in our lives do we make the change for doing whats not only right for us but for others to include children? When do we say no to violence on TV and in movies as it subconsciously programs children to glorify there own violence does it not? We are not born violent in fact we are taught and programmed to be violent by outside sources is my belief.

The whole point of this post was to say that what we take in to our minds and bodies isn't necessarily healthy for us but we DO have a choice now don't we. We can stand up for what we believe regardless of what others may thing of us. So i ask are you? Do you know one of my favorite TV channels to watch when I'm not watching Discovery or some sort of educational channel? TV Land and its because i cant actually sit there and enjoy a rerun of the older more family orientated shows and not get stressed the fuck out by it lol..

Isn't that the whole purpose or what TV was Initially designed for *entertainment* Anyways eat well, drink well and watch well and last but not least get fucked well! We will all be better off if we do those 4 things.

Have a wonderful day!

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

4/28/2006 10:07 am

Sorry it's been acouple of day's, no I haven't forgotten about you it's just that I have been sick and sleeping alot.

But what it want too know, is pussy healthy or unhealthy?

rm_KirkVW44m 55M
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4/28/2006 2:36 pm

LOL Lady Bambi.. I think pussy is damn healthy but thats my personal opinion as a man dear You did know health wise your pussy is cleaner then your mouth is didnt you? So no excuses for Mr B on where you need kissed most at right??? .. So final conclusion eating pussy is more sanitary then kissing *wink*

Thanks for reply dear and i wish you well as always.


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