~Multiple lovers~ Would you share?  

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4/15/2006 4:29 am
~Multiple lovers~ Would you share?

You may be asking what do i mean by my title? Do you think its possible to have more then one lover in your life at one time. And if you do believe, are you not only confident enough in yourself but open to the thought of sharing your man with another woman as her lover.

I'm not talking about a *just sex* relationship. I'm saying for example that i am married and i have 3-4 lovers. I classify a lover as first a relationship built on love, intimacy and romance, mutual interests but also possesses animalistic chemistry thats present between two lovers against our own free will. You know the type when you are together all you can do is think about fucking each others brains out type lol. Sorry but thats the best i can word that crazy attraction shared by two lovers.

Now in saying i had 3-4 lovers i didn't say i was allowed to indulge in my desires with them at will but i have had phone sex on occasion as well as some fantasy explorations in correspondence over the years and in other ways. They all see like i do in that why not be true to what you feel even if you cant always act on those feelings.

Could you allow me or accept the possibility of me having more then just you as my lover. If you said yes then you would also know i would allow the same for you if it pleased you. Bottom line is your heart, mind and body open to the truth that there isn't just one lover out there for us. There are in fact many. Our only choice is to decide whether to accept the truth or turn from.

I know one thing if I'm in love with a woman and she turns me on i'm sure as hell gonna tell here whether others think its right or wrong for me to do so. I can be bold enough to say right now that 9 out of 10 married couples love each other but their spouses are not lovers for the soul fact that many marry way before they find out what they want in life as well as what they want from there lover...

Isn't Truth , Honesty and Openness so sexy?


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