Would the world be a better place? If we masturbated at least once a day  

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4/22/2006 5:18 am

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Would the world be a better place? If we masturbated at least once a day

Yeah i know what kinda stupid fucking question is that right? Some have and do masturbate regularly when they take a shower or bath in the morning or any time of day for that matter, and some think of masturbation to be something other to include perverted or dirty. Its really damn simple what it is.. Self pleasure to achieve orgasm be in male or female. Can be done with or without a partner anytime of day and it feels DAMN good whenever you get time to.

Its great for stress relief. Let's say you have an ever important/stressful event your facing first thing in the morning at work. If you cum in the shower before leaving for work then don't you feel more relaxed and less stressed from that point on in your day by simply taking several minutes to self pleasure? Did somebody say its selfish? Its my cock or its your pussy is it not? Cant you do what the hell you want with whats yours without a guilt trip.

Not everybody in this world has access to great sex or a lover but they can take care of business on there own without guilt and have a better day. Having sexual energy or tension in a persons body is destructive in my eyes. In fact if a lady gets you so hot and bothered and for some reason your not allowed to release as a male you can get blue balls or a fucking migrane headache lol..

So yes laugh at what i just said but sex deprivation can have side effects *snicker*

What do you think in that if all men or women masturbated daily. Would our world be a better place? I think it would. It would be more peaceful thats for sure.


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