What would you do if i called you at work like this..  

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4/27/2006 5:11 am

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What would you do if i called you at work like this..

What would you do if i was your lover and called you while you were at work and told you i was hungry for you and your sweet, hot pussy and i wanted you right now and right there but i knew i couldn't come to where you worked as there was no privacy around you . I continue to tease you and get you so hot, horny and bothered over the phone that you feel like you are going to explode in your pants with everybody in your office watching. Your actually trembling talking to me over the phone.

I also tell you about how I'm playing with myself and how hard i am just thinking about making love to you and aching to shoot my large load of hot cum inside you which you love to feel run out and down your thighs. You don't think you can wait till you see me so you have two choices. Hang up and stay hot and bothered or go to the restroom at work and take care of that pent up sexual energy? What would you do. I'm gonna have to take care of business if you did that to me first chance i get lol.. Something i would enjoy doing to a lover..

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