Thoughts of Seduction.... Have you been?  

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5/27/2006 6:19 am

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5/29/2006 4:36 am

Thoughts of Seduction.... Have you been?

As a man i can close my eyes think of someone or something that is sexual and my cock begins to engorge with blood without a single touch to full hardness on many occasion. Sometimes my manhood becomes erect for reasons unexplainable. Many times i get aroused by reading blogs and ill use Mzhunyhole as an example.

She doesn't always write about sex in every topic but, in all that she does write i find something sexual about it and you ask me why? The answer is really simple in that Mzhunyhole communicates her thoughts on just about any topic clearly and effectively and to me that both damn sensual and sexual..

A sign to me in a woman that knows what she wants. So in truth i have had seductive thoughts of that down home sexy girl named Mzhunyhole. On her birthday as i posted on her blog i thought about jumping out of a cake, throwing her ass up on something ie car hood, kitchen table , counter and as she says fucking her legs off. I know i wouldn't mind driving her out of her mind temporarily thats for sure. Anyways just a thought.

Alot of men look at a woman as a nice body , pleasant smile or maybe just as great memorable fuck for that matter i'm different. I look at a woman for not only that but her natural internal beauty and at how she believes in herself and stands up for what she believes in regardless about what anybody else thinks. A woman that is her own woman.

Those women are MY type of women and the type that draw thoughts of seduction from within my soul. Everybody has thoughts of seduction, so my question is what does it take for you to act on those thoughts. How many of you have taken the law into your own hands if your sexual partner wasn't around after reading a blog to keep from going insane with lust? If so you were seduced by thoughts alone!.

And the weekend begins!..

mm0206 69F
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5/27/2006 11:10 am

All the good ones are married... damnit


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