Mr. President, Your fired!!!  

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5/13/2006 3:41 am

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Mr. President, Your fired!!!

I pay taxes and my taxes are part of President Bush's salary are they not? If so doesn't that put him on my payroll as an employee of mine? Well for that matter the entire U.S. Government is on my payroll. So am i getting what i pay for. My answer is HELL NO. Leadership starts at the top and trickles down. George isn't doing his job let alone a good job so i've decided to shit can him.. Mr. President your fired for dereliction of duty and incompetence! As i look across the room ole Dick Cheney is smiling thinking he is getting a promotion and pay raise. I say to him, stop right there Dick your time is up here also.. See the secretary on the way out for your final check. Its not like either of you need money anyways by the way your wallets have been greased by BIG money special interest.

So i ask what is the President of the United States to you? First and foremost he is the top representative of our country and should be the most respected leader among all. He should provide a image of competence that comforts the American people with the thought that he is doing what we pay him for and thats to lead our country.
This is not happening now. If a president could be voted out of office by the general populous of the U.S. he would be unemployed by now. You know the more we hear and get the facts the more that we find out that our government is as corrupt as any third world countries government is.

Our government needs to get back to the core of why it was founded.. For the people , by the people not for giant corporations by giant corporations. I know one thing big changes need to take place.. Lobbying is legalized bribery and there needs to be laws put in place to prohibit it. I better stop now as i could write a novel but the fixes to many of our nations problems are easy. How about putting a tariff on all imported goods so that American made products were always the best price and value? When we were kids we bought stuff from the small stores our neighbors ran didn't we. Most those items we bought were locally made weren't they?

So what do you all say? Fire George and get some body that knows how to lead in the White House?

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